No Sugar Challenge Meal Plan Calendar

A No Sugar Challenge Meal Plan Calendar layout for those who prefer a calendar to a list.

I recently asked some of you what type of meal plan “layout” you would find easiest to use for the No Sugar Challenge. While many of you chose to have a “list” set up where you could just pick from different suggestions, some of you also wanted a day-to-day calendar layout.

A piece of paper with the words, No Sugar Challenge Meal Plan Calendar written across it. There is a small clock, a green apple, and some green paper clips laying around the border of the paper.

So here it is! Obviously, feel free to substitute things where you like. This is not written in stone.

Please Note: These are simply sample meal plans I put together off the top of my head. I don’t claim that they are at all specific to your particular nutrient needs. Please make adjustments where you need them. These are just outlines.

Also, many of these dishes will give you lots of leftovers, especially if you’re only cooking for 1 or 2 people. So use those leftovers for other meals so you don’t have to cook so much. Because honestly, if you try to cook everything on these menus, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Then you’ll get mad at me, and the whole thing could get ugly. So please, be kind to yourself. This doesn’t have to be hard.

No Sugar Challenge Meal Plan Calendar

Week #1

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Week #2

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