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The Gracious Pantry is a collection of real-food recipes made from scratch. The mission being, to help people get back into the kitchen with easy recipes using easy-to-find ingredients all while cooking tasty, healthy meals.

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Tiffany McCauley was a restaurant manager who left her stressful job to become a stay-at-home mom. After the birth of her son, she realized her health would need a major overhaul to successfully be a great mom to her growing little boy. She knew that good health starts in the kitchen, so she began creating real food recipes and documenting them on The Gracious Pantry in September of 2009. To date, The Gracious Pantry has over 1600 clean eating recipes.

Now, as a single mom and college student, she is working her way through school by creating recipes for you to enjoy!

Through her blog, Tiffany has worked with companies such as eBay, Folgers, Diestal Turkey, the Canadian Maple Board, the Watermelon Board, and California Strawberries, to name a few.


In 2014, Tiffany started culinary school at a wonderful program in Santa Rosa, California. She achieved straight A’s in her classes, but sadly, in 2015, her mother became ill and she had to drop out to care for her mother for the next 2 years until her passing.

After this, Tiffany couldn’t find a way to attend culinary school in person, so instead, she chose the online plant-based program at Rouxbe, which she completed with flying colors. While Tiffany is not strictly plant-based in life or on this blog, the culinary skills she gained in this program have furthered her recipe development skills significantly.

Graduate Of Rouxbe Badge


Tiffany has co-authored two cookbooks and has written a third cookbook for The Gracious Pantry. “Clean Eating Freezer Meals“,  published by Pelican Press,  which is available in select bookstores and on Amazon.

Her work has also been featured on MSN, Buzzfeed, Redbook, Shape, HGTV, and Huffington Post.

Encouraging people to get into the kitchen is what Tiffany loves to do most. Inspiring beginning and experienced home cooks alike to learn about and experiment with real food is her passion. She lives in Maine with her 14-year-old son, “Mini Chef”, and a revolving door of critters (currently 1 very loved, 3 lb. wisp of a dog named Izzy, and hopefully some fluffy-butt chickens very soon.).

Tiffany And Izzy

To read a more personal side of my story, continue here.

Tiffany is also excited to announce that there is a new cookbook in the works!


If you are new to clean eating and would like to read Tiffany’s definition of it (which is also the philosophy all her recipes here are based on), please read this article, “What Is Clean Eating”. You can also find all my Clean Eating 101 information here as well as watch a video on how to best navigate this site if you have any trouble at all. I’m also happy to answer questions via email, snail mail, or social media.


The nutrition data on my recipes is not exact. There would be no way for me to give you exact data. The data supplied is done through a recipe plugin used on my site. They are ballpark figures only.

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