Healthy Drink Recipes

What we drink counts just as much as what we eat. So drinking healthy drinks matter to our eating plan. If you plan to drink some of your calories, here are some healthy drink recipes for you to try!

A collage of tea, a mocktail, lemonade and coffee.

Healthy Smoothies

Here are a ton of healthy smoothie recipes! Try one of the three below, or find a ton more healthy smoothies here!

Healthy Coffee Drinks

We all love a good coffee drink, perfectly timed to the season. I have many recipes for you to try. Give one of the recipes below a try, or try more of these healthy coffee drinks here!

More Healthy Drink Recipes

These are all my drink recipes in one place. Try one of the ones below, or check out all my healthy drinks here!

Healthy Holiday Drinks

These are all non-alcoholic, so the whole family can enjoy them! You can find even more of my healthy holiday drink recipes here.