Editorial Policy

The Gracious Pantry was founded in 2009 with the primary focus of sharing healthful, clean eating recipes that help guide people towards better health.

Today, my goal is to inspire others to get into the kitchen and cook with real food that actually ends up tasting delicious instead of like cardboard. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthier overall, this site aims to help you on that journey to better health while showing you that healthy food can actually taste great, too.

The Gracious Pantry Editorial Policy

This company and website are committed to upholding high standards, both in recipe development and in journalism, so that you can rely on the information and recipes shared here. Where noted, information has been medically reviewed by a registered dietitian.

Accuracy and Credibility

I work hard to source reputable information from trusted sources. Whether that be for a recipe or for an informational article. I am committed to presenting diverse culinary recipes, cooking methods, ingredients, and nutrition. Should you find information you feel is not credible, please feel free to contact me.

Editorial Independence

Information on this website is free from food industry stakeholders. While I may occasionally work with a food-based company or organization, I only do so if the food or product fits the guidelines of clean eating and is of the highest integrity. When content is sponsored, a clear disclosure will be present to maintain transparency.

Originality In Recipes And Culinary Content

Original Recipes

Unless otherwise noted, most recipes are created from scratch by Tiffany McCauley in her home kitchen.

In some cases, some recipes may be adapted from another source to convert them to following clean eating principles. In these cases, full credit to the original author of the recipe is given along with a link where you can find the original recipe. The Gracious Pantry strictly prohibits recipe plagiarism to ensure that all its content is original and innovative.

On rare occasions, PLR recipes are shared. These recipes are created by an external source and may be found on other websites. This is done legally and with permission. All of these recipes follow clean eating principles and adhere to editorial standards.

Ethics And Healthy Eating Principles

The Gracious Pantry promotes healthy eating habits without compromising on taste. Dietary needs are considered wherever possible, and every precaution is taken to avoid misleading health claims.

Transparency In Culinary Information

The Gracious Pantry posts public disclosures of any affiliations and sponsorships and will never compromise on standards where potential conflicts of interest related to featured products or brands are concerned.

Should any inaccuracies be found, they will be promptly updated to the correct information. The Gracious Pantry is committed to avoiding inaccuracies in its culinary content.

Community Engagement

The Gracious Pantry encourages an interactive and respectful community through comment sections and its social media platforms. I value the reader’s respectful and constructive feedback. Disrespectful, angry comments will never see the light of day on this website. They are helpful to no one and serve no purpose. Should any of my readers care to offer feedback, it is always encouraged so long as it is respectful.

Embracing Diversity

The Gracious Pantry embraces diversity as well as cultural recipes and promotes inclusivity, both in its content and within the organization.

Editorial Accountability

The individual culinary perspectives of writers on this site may differ while aligning with The Gracious Pantry’s commitment to promoting healthy eating.

The editorial team shares responsibility for content review, fact-checking, and publication adherence to healthy eating principles.