Copyright Information For The Gracious Pantry

Love my recipes and want to share them? Please know that my work falls under copyright law. Below is the outline for permissible ways to share my content.

Please note that I actively pursue stolen content and photos.
  • Watermarked photos and original text copyright: 2009-now by Tiffany McCauley of The Gracious Pantry®
  • I grant permission to use my photos AND links (always together – watermark must remain in photo and photo may NOT be altered in any way) to be shared on social media and other web sites, but NOT the recipe text (directions and such) You may publish the ingredient list only and must provide a link back to my web site for the directions.
  • All other rights reserved.
  • Other bloggers may post their version of my recipe, with their own photos and text, but please link back to original recipe.
  • If you wish to quote me, please use no more than 100 words to do so, then simply provide a link back to my blog for the rest.
  • Please be respectful. I do not charge for what I do.

Do not publish my recipes or photos without my written consent, particularly if you are a business. This includes magazines, books, handouts, newsletters, or any other form of commercial print.

For businesses looking to use my recipes to promote a particular food product, you MUST contact me first. You may not publish any part of my recipes, photos, or content for promoting your own products on your own site, newsletter, or other avenues of publishing, digitally or otherwise.

Doing so implies to your customers that I am endorsing your product when I am not.

If you wish to use my recipes in this way, you must first underwrite the recipe on my website. Please contact me for further information on this process and for pricing.


Please contact me directly if you would like to print one of my recipes for distribution of any kind (books, magazines, etc.).

I reserve the right to update this copyright notice at any time. Check back for any future changes before sharing my content.