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Tiffany McCauley is a nationally syndicated journalist specializing in food and travel. She writes for MSN and is published nationally through the Associated Press.

Her writing style is a blend of personal experiences and expert insights. Tiffany works to capture the essence of a dish through her writing while offering healthy options that actually taste good.

Through this website, Tiffany has worked with companies such as eBay, Folgers, Diestal Turkey, the Canadian Maple Board, the Watermelon Board, and California Strawberries, to name a few.

Her work has also been featured on MSN, Buzzfeed, Redbook, Shape, HGTV, and Huffington Post.

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Tiffany McCauley is a Rouxbe graduate with a plant-based cooking education. While Tiffany is not strictly plant-based in life or on this blog, the culinary skills she gained in this program have furthered her recipe development skills significantly.

The IPPY bronze medal award given to the cookbook, clean eating freezer meals.


Tiffany received the bronze medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) for her cookbook, Clean Eating Freezer Meals, in 2019.


Tiffany has co-authored two cookbooks and has written a third cookbook for The Gracious Pantry. “Clean Eating Freezer Meals,” published by Pelican Press available in select bookstores and on Amazon.

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Tiffany loves engaging with her audience and readers. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to her.


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