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Healthy super bowl recipes? You betcha! And they’re good, too.
Shhhh!!! Nobody has to know!

I know nothing about football. In fact, I probably wouldn’t know the difference between a football and a football helmet if you asked me. And because of this, I used to know very little about what people like to eat during these games or super bowl food in general. But I come by this honestly. My mom was a single mom who worked full-time. So I spent my days at my grandmother’s house.

Man holding a plate of chicken, wearing a red jersey for this post on healthy super bowl recipes.

My grandmother was an immigrant from Germany. To her, football was Soccer, and frankly, she just didn’t care one way or the other what sport was what. In fact, I distinctly remember a conversation between her and my cousin. He asked her if she understood the game of football, to which she replied in her thick German accent,

Yes, I understand football.

They get up, they fall down.

They get up, they fall down.

That was the degree of sports knowledge I grew up with. I can promise you, my childhood did not include super bowl food. And things didn’t get any better in later life.

As I got older and started dating, some of my dates would occasionally ask me to see a game with them. I said yes, with the express understanding that they would explain things to me as the afternoon and game progressed.

Inevitably, and without fail, I only got as far as, “That’s the yard line…. AAAAAHHHH!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! PASS THE BALL YOU @#%@#$!@!@!!!!

As you can see, I never got any further than, “that’s the yard line“.



That clears it all up.

When I got married, things didn’t change. I actually found a man who preferred not to watch football. I didn’t think those guys existed, but they do. And I married him. So I never had the need to prepare any of these super bowl foods ya’ll love so much.

These days, I don’t even have cable. So I think you can see why I have given up any hope of ever understanding the game of football. But the good news is, I eventually did figure out what kinds of super bowl food you football enthusiasts like to eat!

So here’s my list of super bowl food that won’t leave your man feeling like he has his own “football” to pass. ~ehem~.

See all my game day recipes here.

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes


Clean Eating Super Bowl RecipesGuacamole’
A classic. You just can’t go wrong with guacamole’.
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodSpinach Dip
A good way to get the guys to eat some greens!
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodPizza Hummus
Serve with a veggie platter or homemade, whole grain pitta chips.
 Clean Eating Super Bowl Food Homemade Doritos
You can happily nosh on these all through the game!
Clean eating super bowl recipes for the big gamePopcorn Seasoning
Because every game needs popcorn!!!


 Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodSlow Cooker Southwestern 2 Bean Chicken
Pop this in the slow cooker ahead of time and let your guests help themselves!
 Clean Eating Super Bowl Food2 Ingredient Taco Chicken
Make tacos for the gang without a ton of effort. Let your slow cooker do all the work for you!
 Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodTaco Burgers
Give your burgers a little kick with these taco-inspired spices. Delish!
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodTaquitos
Enjoy this delicious finger food without packing on the pounds!
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodChili Nachos
If you are having a lot of people over and they all like different things, here’s an idea a Facebook fan shared with me. Simply set up a “nachos assembly line”. Have all the fixings on the table set up buffet style. Instead of plates, set out pie tins. Have the oven turned on, and let everyone make their own! (Offer cheese and greek yogurt instead of sour cream.)
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodTurkey Chili
This can be made spicy by adding any hot sauce you like.
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodCorn Bread
Can’t have chili without corn bread!
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodHealthy Pizza
This is the dough recipe. Top with whatever clean toppings you enjoy.
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodSpicy Buffalo Wings
No Super Bowl Party is complete without wings!
 Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodDanish Meatballs
Set these out with some toothpicks. The guys will LOVE em’!


Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodFreedom Brownies
Nobody will ever know these are paleo friendly and grain free!
Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodChocolate Chip Cookies
You just can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, no matter who attends your party!
 Clean Eating Super Bowl FoodPeanut Butter Cookies
The perfect end to the game, everyone will want more!

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  1. That is too cool Tiff!! Thank you very much for all the effort you put in to coming up with these great recipes….You rock!!!


    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Tman – Glad you approve! Hope you enjoy some of the recipes!

  2. Shelly Hawes-Smith says:

    There are more men that exist that hate sports… I married one! He spends his free time playing an online game and that is perfectly fine with me!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Shelly – They are certainly a rare breed! lol

  3. Wow, you have outdone yourself. I forsee a few of these coming into existence for Sunday!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Paulissa – Thanks! Glad you like the selection!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Christine – Hahaha!!! Glad I could get you into the party mood!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lulu – I would just try a different recipes. The chips alone probably have both in them. Sorry!

  6. Super Creative! I just have to say I love this site. I’m slowly changing my lifestyle and I honestly have thegraciouspantry to thank. I’ve made the chocolate covered pineapples, pork and kale, stuffed mushrooms, egg on portobello, kale chips… etc. Thank you for your common sense point of views and honesty. I will continue to plan my meals around the gracious pantry and continue to try to convince my boyfriend that just because it’s clean doesn’t mean there’s no taste! Hopefully I can do that with some of these recipes…. Thank you Tiffany.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Thanks so much! I’m so happy you’re enjoying my site. 🙂

  7. I married one, too 🙂 I love not having to sit there and watch hours of guys running up and down a field chasing a ball.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Haha! Yes, it does have it’s benefits. 🙂

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