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These Friday night dinner ideas will up your dinner game on the laziest night of the week!

I mean, let’s be honest. I may love that I cook for a living, but even I struggle with dinner on Friday night. It’s the end of a long week and the last thing you want to do is stand in the kitchen for hours. These Friday dinner ideas are quick and easy with minimal ingredients.

A collage of four different meals from this list of 20 Clean Eating Friday Night Dinner Ideas

If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you’re interested in keeping things at least a little bit healthy, even if you don’t want to cook. So I put together this list of fun Friday dinner ideas that will get on the table, quick and easy.

They are divided into sections that I think most of us tend to turn to for an easy dinner for Friday night. So this way, you’ll have the best of both worlds! Dinner for Friday nights is about to be served!


Here are a ton of food ideas for Friday night dinner. These are fast dinner ideas as well as being dinner ideas for the family, if you have more mouths to feed. Most of these are easily multiplied to make them fun and easy family dinner ideas.


If you want to make your own crust for pizza night, that’s awesome! But if you don’t, that’s awesome too.

Easy pizza recipes are typically made “easy” by substituting a regular pizza dough crust for something pre-made. And sure, you could pick up a ready made pizza crust. But even healthier still is to simply purchase some whole grain pita breads. They make wonderful, single serving pizzas that can be multiplied as much as you need. They are a versatile, easy pizza crust, and everyone gets their own pizza topped just the way they want it.

If you prefer to make an easy pizza dough from scratch, I’ve gotcha covered there too. The pizza dough recipe below makes a nice, hearty crust using whole grain flour. So no matter what you choose, either the pizza dough recipe or one with a pre-made crust, these recipes will help you learn how to make easy pizza dough and easy pizza, for a five star pizza every time.

  1. Pesto Tomato Pita Pizza – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Onion Pepper And Pineapple Pizza – The Gracious Pantry
  3. Mushroom Onion And Swiss Pita Pizza – The Gracious Pantry
  4. Family Pizza Night – The Gracious Pantry
  5. Whole Grain Pita Pizza – The Gracious Pantry


Nachos don’t get much easier than when you make them on a sheet pan. They get all the delicious flavor of cooking in an oven too, instead of just getting microwaved to melt the cheese. It might take a few extra minutes, but I promise, it’s worth it. This nacho recipe shows you how to make nachos in the oven.

  1. Sheet Pan Nachos – The Gracious Pantry


Most people know how to make quesadillas. Quesadillas are among some of the easiest meals to make. Fill a tortilla with cheese and just about any toppings or fillings you like, and it’s always a full and enjoyable meal. You can layer them, like in my loaded sheet pan quesadillas, make them more like pizza (check out the Pizzadillas recipe) or fill your nachos with delicious, real food ingredients. Either way, dinner will be ready in minutes!

  1. Loaded Sheet Pan Quesadillas – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Pizzadillas – The Gracious Pantry
  3. Stuffed Mexican Quesadillas – The Gracious Pantry
  4. Black Bean Quesadillas – Eating Well


The easiest casserole recipes are typically put together with pre-packaged ingredients. But they don’t have to be. You can make a healthier casserole with real food ingredients and still have it be quick and delicious. Simply choose your ingredients carefully.

  1. Barbecue Chicken Casserole Recipe – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Salsa Verde Chicken – Happy Go Lucky
  3. Dump and Bake Salsa Chicken – The Seasoned Mom


A good sandwich is always fast to make. Served with a delicious side dish like fries, will always make for a very satisfying meal. And burgers are no different. (I mean, they’re technically a sandwich, right?)

  1. Tuna Fish Sandwiches – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Grownup Grilled Cheese Sandwich – The Gracious Pantry
  3. Air Fryer Hot Turkey Sandwich – Air Fry Master
  4. Baked Turkey Burgers – The Gracious Pantry
  5. Taco Burgers – The Gracious Pantry
  6. Pesto Caprese Grilled Cheese – A Pinch of Healthy

Conclusion On Friday Night Dinner Ideas

I hope you enjoy this list of Friday night dinner ideas! If you have any ideas for other easy meals, or just want to share what you usually make for Friday night dinners, I’d love to hear about it in a comment below!

Article from the Gracious Pantry® archives, originally posted 7/5/18.

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