Clean Eating Christmas Dinner Recipes

For those who celebrate, it’s time to start planning your clean eating Christmas dinner recipes!

For many people, Christmas dinner is very similar to Thanksgiving dinner and for some, it’s very, very different. Christmas dinner will often revolve around people’s ethnic background as well. Many of my hispanic friends enjoy a big tray of homemade tamales for dinner, while those of European descent will enjoy a dinner that looks very different from that. Things such as a beef or pork roast, or for those who want to keep things more simple, fancy tomato bisque soup with a grilled cheese sandwich made with fancy, schmancy cheeses. (Got that one from a Facebook follower. Can we say, “yum“?!!)

Clean Eating Christmas Dinner Recipes
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But no matter what you enjoy for Christmas dinner, there are always staple recipes that people like to have on hand. The recipes below are the ones I use when I host a Christmas dinner. I hope you’ll find the collection helpful!


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