Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is critical for anybody who intends on maintaining a healthy diet in the busy lives we lead.

Two meals sit prepped in containers in this Meal Prepping particle.

What Is Meal Prepping?

People who prep take a few hours out of their weekend (or week) to prepare food for the coming week.

Prepping can be anything from chopping up a few veggies to put in baggies so they are easy to grab during the week, to stocking your freezer with lots of healthy meals that you can either cook or reheat during the week.

The idea is to cook or prepare ahead of time so that on your busier days, you have something to grab for a quick meal.

Meal Planning Vs. Meal Prepping

Meal planning is simply about planning which meals you will eat during the week. It can be as simple a list of meals on a piece of paper.

Prep is taking your meal planning one step further by actually preparing the food to some degree, so that the meals you planned for can be easily cooked or reheated.

Meal Prep

If you want more in-depth information on meal planning, check out my Prepping 101 article here or my Meal Prep Basics article here. I cover everything from how to meal prep, to which containers to use and what foods are best for meal prepping.

How Long Does Meal Prepping Take?

This will fully depend on what types of foods or meals you are prepping. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to and entire 8 hours. A big part of this will be how well you stay organized in the kitchen.

Make a list of meals, have your recipes handy and prep all your ingredients first so that throwing things together becomes fast and easy.

And don’t forget the containers!

Batch Meal Cooking

Batch cooking is making large quantities of something so that you can store portions in your freezer for later use. It’s an excellent way to prep. These recipes will help you do just that.

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Breakfast Meal Prepping Recipes

You can do meal prep for breakfast pretty quickly and easily whether you are making eggs or oats. Here are some ideas for prepping your breakfasts.

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Dinner Meal Prepping Recipes

Dinner is probably the most prepped meal by meal preppers. Particularly when it comes to stocking the freezer with healthy meals. Here are some dinner ideas to get you going with dinner meal prep.

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Lunch Meal Prepping Recipes

Lunch is an often overlooked meal to prep. But with correct planning, you’ll have easy lunches all week long.

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Prepping Snacks

Yes, you can prep your snacks too! In fact, it’s a great way to ensure that you are snacking on healthy foods all week long!

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Meal Prepping Plans

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Shopping Lists

Here are some grocery lists I put together to help with meal prepping. These lists are geared towards clean eating for healthy grocery shopping.

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My Favorite Meal Prep Containers

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