Around The World Dinner Meal Prep Plan

This around the world dinner meal prep plan will have you enjoying flavors from around the world for dinner each night this coming week!

This meal prep plan is slightly different than my previous plans. Because it uses three different cooking techniques, the best way to be efficient with this prep plan is simply to prep all your ingredients first. Chop the veggies, pull out the spices from your cabinet, get everything ready so all you have to do is start the cooking process for each recipe.

Around The World Dinner Meal Prep Plan

I find that it’s easiest to start with the slow cooker recipe and get that under way. Then start the stove top recipe, and then while that cooks, start the Instant Pot recipe.

You can do it in any order you choose of course, but I find that particular order to go the fastest and most efficient way to get it done.

Around The World Dinner Meal Prep Plan

All three of these recipes will freeze super well. None of them should sit in the fridge past four days, so plan accordingly. All of these will give a single person cooking for themselves a few meals to stash in the freezer. If you are shopping/cooking for more than one person, you will need to adjust as needed.



Download the plan by clicking below.

Around The World Dinner Meal Prep Plan – With Shopping List

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