15 Vegetarian Meals To Cozy Up To This Fall

Any season calls for comfort food, but there’s something about fall that makes you crave warm meals that stick to your ribs. If you’re a vegetarian, the usual comfort foods like lasagna and meatloaf are out of the question. But these fifteen healthy recipes are meatless yet comforting enough to keep you cozy and full during those chilly months.

1. Homemade Mac And Cheese

A white crock sits on a placemat filled with Homemade Mac and Cheese. A spoon rests in the pasta.
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Who doesn’t love a good bowl of Homemade Mac and Cheese? This gooey cheesy goodness is full of delicious flavors but still light enough to enjoy on a chilly fall night.

2. Pumpkin Pasta

A female hand holding a fork picks up some Pumpkin Pasta out of a white bowl.
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A creamy pumpkin sauce poured over your favorite pasta is the perfect way to savor a chilly evening. This Pumpkin Pasta is made with homemade pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and a couple of herbs and spices to give that extra warmth and flavor.

3. Nacho Fries

Nacho fries on a wood cutting board.
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Nobody will turn their noses up at Nacho Fries. A plate of this deliciousness will tempt even the pickiest of eaters.

4. Orzo Salad With Pesto

An overhead view of a white bowl filled with Orzo Salad With Pesto.
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Orzo Salad With Pesto is a dish that everyone will want seconds of. It’s filling, has tons of flavor, and nobody will leave hungry. Serve with some garlic bread and soup or salad for a well-rounded meal.

5. Loaded Sheet Pan Quesadillas

A portion of loaded sheet pan quesadilla sitting on a white plate, garnished with fresh cilantro.
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Loaded Sheet Pan Quesadillas take the beloved quesadilla to a whole new level of deliciousness and convenience. This innovative twist on a classic favorite involves assembling multiple quesadillas on a single sheet pan and baking them all together in the oven. The result is a crowd-pleasing dish that is incredibly easy to prepare and perfect for feeding a hungry gathering.

6. Veggie Pizza

A finished veggie pizza, cut into quarters.
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Veggie Pizza is a fabulous option for a vegetarian dinner. And this recipe lets you cook for just yourself or many people, as needed.

7. Greek Rice Bowl

A closeup of a Greek rice bowl with sun dried tomato pieces.
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The Greek Rice Bowl is a satisfying meal inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. With its vibrant flavors and wholesome ingredients, you’ll fill up while nourishing your body at the same time. Whether enjoyed for lunch or dinner, it’s a nutritious and delicious option.

8. Sweet Potato Chowder

A closeup of a white bowl filled with curried sweet potato chowder.
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This delicious Sweet Potato Chowder uses tender chunks of sweet potatoes simmered in a flavorful broth, along with aromatic herbs and spices, to create the ultimate bowl of comfort food.

9. Campfire Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Clean Eating Fire Pit Thyme And Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

This simple but flavorful Campfire Grilled Cheese Sandwich can be made in hot coals or in your oven. Either way, it’s a sandwich everyone can agree on.

10. Mushroom Pita Pizza

A pita sits on a round cutting board topped with mushrooms, red sauce and melted cheese.
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This is one of those recipes that’s great for when you have to get dinner on the table fast. Make this Mushroom Pita Pizza for one or for twenty. No matter how many you are cooking for, this dinner will be ready in the amount of time it takes you to melt the cheese.

11. Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

A small white crock on a red and white checkered tablecloth holds a serving of slow cooker lentil soup.
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Few foods can equal the comfort of a bowl of Slow Cooker Lentil Soup. With a hint of veggies and a big dose of hearty lentils that cook themselves, you’ll come home to a dinner that’s ready to eat.

12. Mexican Black Bean Chili

An overhead view of a white bowl filled with Mexican black bean chili.
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If you love Mexican flavors, this Mexican Black Bean Chili is a great option for dinner tonight. Serve it up with some torn corn tortillas or corn chips for a delicious and complete meal.

13. Mexican Wild Rice Salad

A white bowl filled with Mexican wild rice salad.
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Wild rice lovers will enjoy this Mexican Wild Rice Salad. It has classic Mexican flavors with the heartiness and slight chewiness of wild rice. It’s hearty, filling, and totally delicious.

14. Quinoa Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

A closeup of a quinoa stuffed spaghetti squash.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Don’t underestimate how filling a spaghetti squash can be, especially when it’s stuffed like this Quinoa Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. It’s a delicious meal that is full of fiber and good-for-you nutrients with flavors the whole family will love.

15. Chickpea Black Bean Salad

An up close view of a white bowl filled with chickpea black bean salad.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

If you need a hearty main dish that can be easily enjoyed with other dishes, this Chickpea Black Bean Salad is what you want. Serve it with rice, quinoa, burritos, tacos, or any number of vegetarian dishes.

Interested In Starting A Vegan Diet? Here’s How To Do It With Ease

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to start a plant-based diet. This simple guide walks you through some key points and helps you get started in this new way of eating effortlessly.

Carrots and a red bell pepper arranged on a wooden surface to spell the word, vegan.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

If you’re curious about starting a vegan eating plan but don’t know where to start, this handy getting-started guide will help you make the transition seamlessly.

A Vegan Breakfast Can Be Easy! And It All Starts With Your Waffle Maker

A stack of vegan chocolate waffles with chocolate chips on top.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Need a decadent idea for breakfast? These Vegan Waffles are to die for. Make a big batch, freeze them, and then pop a couple into the toaster in the morning on your way out the door. It’s kind of like having brownies for breakfast!

While You’re At It, Prep Breakfast For The Week Too. It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

An overhead view of a small canning jar filled with overnight oats with raisins.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Prepping overnight oats the night before is a fantastic way to ensure that your morning runs smoothly. These delicious oatmeal recipes are prepped in just 5 minutes. In fact, you can even make homemade oatmeal packets with these recipes, so all you have to do is grab a packet and get it in the fridge.

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