Most Popular Thanksgiving Desserts In Each State

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Thanksgiving desserts are in the US? Wonder no more. Here are the top Thanksgiving desserts according to research done by Online Casinos. Their research showed that 96.68% of Americans have dessert on Thanksgiving, 41 states chose pumpkin pie as their favorite, cookies are in the top-tier category for Thanksgiving desserts, and both banoffee and cranberry pie were in the bottom-tier category.

1. Pumpkin Pie

A slice of pumpkin pit next to the pan it was taken from, sitting on a table.
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Pumpkin pie was the top-rated dessert in 41 of the 50 states. That’s not really surprising, considering pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving classic. Check out this tasty and easy-to-make homemade pumpkin pie to share with your Thanksgiving guests. 

2. Apple Pie

A closeup of a slice of apple pie in a white dish.
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Apple Pie was the top-rated Thanksgiving dessert in Iowa, Alaska, Delaware, and New Hampshire. If you are located in one of these states, or if your family just has a preference for apple pie try this tasty recipe. 

3. Pecan Pie

A slice of naturally sweetened pecan pie on a white plate.
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Pecan pie was the top choice for dessert in Mississippi, Louisiana, and the District of Columbia. If you are looking for a tasty pecan pie to serve after your Thanksgiving feast, we think you’ll love this homemade pie. 

4. 50/50 Split

A single pumpkin blondie with a bite remove, laying on a white piece of parchment paper.
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Pumpkin Pie and pecan pie were a 50/50 split among residents of Tennessee. If you don’t feel like making one of each, how about combining the two flavors with these delicious pumpkin blondies

5. Cookies

A parchment-lined cookie sheet with raw, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies sitting in two rows.
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Cookies were rated as a top-tier Thanksgiving dessert in all 50 states. You should add some cookies to your dessert table. They are perfect for the guest who just wants a “bite” of something sweet. These chocolate chip cookies will be perfect for your holiday table. 

6. Cranberry Pie

A slice of fresh cranberry pie sits on a white plate.
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Cranberry pie was in the lowest tier of favorite Thanksgiving desserts, and that’s probably due to store-bought versions. Instead, try this delicious cranberry pie. Fresh cranberries and a few simple ingredients like lemon zest, cinnamon, and honey come together for a tasty Thanksgiving treat. 

7. Blueberry Pie

An overhead view of a whole blueberry pie, sliced with one slice missing.
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Blueberry pie made it to the “good” tier of best Thanksgiving desserts, and really, who doesn’t like fresh blueberry pie? If your friends and family are blueberry fans, serve them some of this delicious homemade blueberry pie

8. Sweet Potato Pie

A slice of sweet potato pie on a white plate with a fork.
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Shockingly, sweet potato pie didn’t make it to the list of favorite Thanksgiving desserts at all, which must be a mistake, right? If you are looking for a delicious sweet potato pie to serve after your Thanksgiving dinner, try this one

9. Peach Cobbler Pie

A closeup of a slice of peach cobbler on a white plate.
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Peach cobbler pie made the rankings up to good Thanksgiving desserts, and it was the favorite dessert in Wyoming. Peach cobbler pie is a lightly sweetened dessert that will be delicious after a savory meal. You will love this recipe for peach cobbler pie with homemade pie crust. 

10. Cherry Pie

A slice of cherry pie on a white background.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Cherry pie was rated as a superior Thanksgiving dessert, and that seems to be a fitting place for it, especially when it is served warm from the oven. You and your guests will absolutely love this homemade cherry pie, and we’ll let you in on a secret…it’s healthy, too! 

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