15 Clean Eating Lunches You Can Prep In 15 Minutes Or Less!

These 15 Clean Eating Lunches You Can Prep In 15 Minutes Or Less are a great way to make sure you are eating a healthy, budget and time friendly lunch each and every day of the week!

Lunch always seems to be a struggle, doesn’t it? If you work at home like me, it can be a total interruption in a busy day. Necessary, but an interruption nonetheless. And if you work outside of the home, It’s a constant struggle to figure out what you might be in the mood for the next day, or what will travel well or even fit in the fridge at work.

Four of 15 Clean Eating Lunches You Can Prep In 15 Minutes Or Less are shown here. A banana wrap, an egg salad sandwich, a caprese salad and a mandarin chicken salad.

But if you look at it, the real issue comes down to, #1 – what to make, and #2 – how long it takes to make. Because lets face it, if lunch was quick and easy, it wouldn’t be a struggle at all. Am I right?

Every year in August and September, people flock to my website for healthy lunch ideas for heading back to school. But it hasn’t escaped my attention that many of you grownups use those ideas for your own lunches too. You may not be in school, but it sure saves time and money if you can make something quick and tasty at home. At least I know that’s how it is for me!

Eating out at lunch is always an option, but lets face it. If you don’t prepare it at home, you don’t really know what’s in the food you’re eating, even if it’s supposedly healthy. I’ve had this proven to me again and again since I started eating plant based. I never go out to eat anymore because inevitably, I react to something in the food. Whatever it is that restaurants use or add just does not agree with me. So these days, I’m eating almost exclusively at home. And you know what? I’ve saved a ton of money doing that, not to mention I just feel so much better. There’s just no comparison! Even with healthy, vegan foods.

So if you are looking for quick lunch ideas that are both healthy and budget friendly, this is the list for you!!

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  1. Clean Eating Apple & Smoked Gouda Lunchbox Kebobs – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Clean Eating Egg Salad Sandwich – The Gracious Pantry
  3. Grownup Grilled Cheese Sandwich – The Gracious Pantry
  4. Clean Eating Pesto Turkey Sandwich – The Gracious Pantry
  5. Veggie Pita Sandwiches with Avocado Hummus – Your Choice Nutrition



  1. Tuna Pinwheels – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Clean Eating Turkey Wraps – The Gracious Pantry
  3. Clean Eating Banana Wraps – The Gracious Pantry
  4. Clean and Skinny BLT Avocado Wrap (Make sure you use no sugar added bacon! Wellshire Farms has a really good one and is sold at Whole Foods – Also cook the bacon the night before so lunch is quick to make.) – Clean Food Crush
  5. Quick and Easy Black Bean Wrap – Veggie Primer



  1. Clean Eating Traditional Tuna Salad – The Gracious Pantry
  2. Clean Eating Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad – The Gracious Pantry (make dressing ahead of time and refrigerate to make it a quick lunch salad)
  3. Clean Eating Tangerine Walnut Chicken Salad – The Gracious Pantry
  4. Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad – Happy Go Lucky
  5. Vegan Chickpea Salad – Veggie Inspired (use this mayonnaise recipe)

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