12 Healthy Snacks For Game Day

If you plan on having people over to watch the game, don’t forget the snacks. Watching a game on TV might be fun, but without snacks, you’re really missing out. Snacking doesn’t have to mean gorging yourself on junk, however. Try some of these healthier snacks instead.

1. Chocolate Popcorn

A side view of a gray bowl filled with Chocolate Popcorn.

Chocolate-covered popcorn is the perfect complement to a movie marathon. It doesn’t require an expensive candy thermometer. Here’s an easy recipe that’s sure to go fast.

2. Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries just out of the oven and garnished with dollops of sour cream, slices of jalapeno pepper, diced red onion, and fresh cilantro.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Chili Cheese Fries are an American favorite when it comes to comfort food. But that doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy.

3. Air Fryer Chicken Wings

A few golden brown chicken wings laying on a piece of parchment paper.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Chicken wings are a perfect game-day snack, and these are healthy since they haven’t been deep-fried. Air fryer chicken wings cook quickly, so you can whip up a batch for a crowd in no time! 

4. Southwest Black Bean Dip

A closeup of a white ramekin filled with southwest black bean dip. A corn chip sits in the dip.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

You can’t watch the big game without having some chips and dip to munch on. You will love this healthy and flavorful black bean dip. Easy to make with just a few ingredients that you probably keep in your pantry all of the time. 

5. Homemade Corn Chips

A wooden bowl filled with homemade corn chips.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

It’s not a party without chips and dip, and that’s where these homemade corn chips come in. You may think that making your own chips is too much work, but it’s really easy. You can have a big batch of chips ready to go in just a few minutes. 

6. Ground Turkey Meatballs

A white bowl filled with ground turkey meatballs and garnished with fresh parsley.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Meatballs are always great for a party because you can serve them with a variety of different dipping sauces, so you have something for everyone to enjoy. These ground turkey meatballs are easy to make, and they freeze beautifully, too, so you can always pull some out to serve at a moment’s notice. 

7. Air Fryer Cheese Sticks

A cutting board holding a pile of cheese sticks and a small white bowl of marinara dip.
Photo Credit: DronG/Shutterstock.

Is there ever a bad time to enjoy a melty, gooey cheese stick? No, there’s not! Game day is the perfect time to bust out a platter of these delicious air fryer cheese sticks! They’re gluten-free and totally yum.

8. Guacamole

An overhead view of a bowl of guacamole.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Guacamole goes great with football! Store-bought guacamole is abundant, but it is so easy to make guacamole at home. All you need are a few simple ingredients, and you can have this delicious dip on the table in minutes. 

9. Spicy Sweet Macadamia Nuts

A small white bowl full of Spicy Sweet Macadamia Nuts.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Everyone loves a sweet and spicy crunchy snack, and this one is healthy, too. These spicy, sweet macadamia nuts are easy to make, and you can have them on your game day table in minutes. 

10. Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownies in a stack from overhead.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

It’s always nice to have something a little something sweet as a part of your game day spread, and who doesn’t like brownies? These black bean brownies are actually good for you, so you don’t have to feel bad about indulging your sweet tooth! 

11. Mac & Cheese Bites

A white cutting board holds a pile of mac and cheese bites with a small white bowl of ketchup.
Photo Credit: DronG/Shutterstock.

It’s always nice to have a savory bite-size snack while you watch the game. These mac & cheese bites are made with three simple ingredients, and they are absolutely delicious. These would be a hit with any crowd! 

12. Stuffed Mushrooms

A white platter of stuffed mushrooms.
Photo Credit: 5 second Studio/Shutterstock.

Bite-size appetizers are perfect for a party! These stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and bake in just a few minutes. You can even make them a day ahead of the game if you want to. 

The Daily Snack Tray

An overhead view of a charcuterie board with veggies, pita chips, and two bowls of dip.
Photo Credit: JeniFoto/Shutterstock.

Home with the kids? This snack tray idea is a great way to get them to snack on healthy foods all day and quit bugging you for snacks. Works for adults, too!

After-School Snacks That Won’t Ruin Dinner

Two young kids eating strawberries.
Photo Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.

Sick of the kids ruining dinner with everything they eat after they get home from school? Here are some ideas for healthier snacks they’ll enjoy that won’t ruin dinner.

Need Some Healthy Movie Snacks?

A young boy watching a movie holding a drink and a popcorn bag.
Photo Credit: Tyler Olson and Shutterstock.

The food shack at the movie theater can leave you with a tummy ache when the movie is done. Here are some snacks you can sneak in, or enjoy at home for a happier belly.

40 Clean Eating Road Trip Snacks

Two young women driving in a car.
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Hitting the road this summer? Take along some healthy snacks that will keep you from overspending and ending up with a stomach ache because we all know that the food you buy on the road is rarely if ever, the healthiest option.

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