Clean Eating Shopping At Costco

Costco is a fabulous place for clean eaters. If you can avoid all the taste testing tables (say that five times fast!), you can actually find some pretty good bargains there and stock your clean eating kitchen or pantry at the same time!

Please keep in mind that the prices listed can vary greatly by region. Also, please note that this is a combination of what I know to be available in my area, and what I actually buy. This is not an all inclusive list. Just a place to start. I tried to include a variety of both organic and non-organic items.



Tip: If you want organic, look for the green hang tags. 

  • SPINACH, organic,fresh, 1 lb tub (around $3)
  • KALE, organic,fresh, 1.5 lb bag  (around $4)
  • SPRING MIX LETTUCE, organic,fresh, 1 lb. tub (around $3)
  • APPLES, organic,fresh, by the box, 5.5 lbs. (around $7)
  • PEARS, organic, fresh, by the box, 6 lbs. (around $6)
  • STRAWBERRIES, organic,fresh, by the tub (around $4)
  • GRAPES, organic,fresh, by the tub (around $4)
  • CARROTS, organic,fresh, 5 lb. bag (around $4)
  • CARROTS, baby, organic, fresh, peeled, 5 lb. bag (around $4)
  • CAESAR KIT MIX, organic, fresh, 1 lb bag (around $ 4) – Dressing is not clean
  • CELERY, organic, fresh, 2 lb. bag (around $5.00)
  • RASPBERRIES, organic,fresh, 24 oz. package (around $3 when in season)
  • BLUEBERRIES, organic,fresh, 1 lb package (around $5 when in season)
  • BLUEBERRIES, organic,frozen, 1 lb. bag (around $10)
  • TRIPLE BERRY MIX, organic,frozen, 1 lb bag, Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries – Radar Farms brand (around $10)


Tip: When choosing non-organic produce, opt for thicker skinned produce so that you peel off most of the pesticides with the peel or skin.

  • AVOCADOS, conventional, fresh, by the bag (around $7)
  • BANANAS, conventional, fresh, by the box (around $5)
  • ASPARAGUS, conventional, fresh, by the bag (around $6)


Tip: Dairy is always best purchased organic. But not everyone can afford it. Costco used to sell organic milk, but stopped. If they still carry it in your area, that’s always the better choice. If not, buy the best you can afford.

  • GREEK YOGURT, Fage brand, conventional (around $4)
  • MILK, conventional (around $9)
  • COTTAGE CHEESE, conventional, (around $ 5)


Tip: Again, organic is best. But if you can’t afford it, Costco at least has some more affordable options.

  • CHICKEN BREASTS, conventional, boneless, skinless, Kirkland brand (around $16)
  • TURKEY, conventional, ground, lean, 4 packages totaling about 5 pounds ( around $15)
  • TURKEY, organic, ground, lean, 2 packages totaling about 2 1/2 pounds ( around $15)
  • EGGSorganic, 2 dozen (around $6)
  • EGGSconventional, 2 dozen (around $ 4)


  • PORK, conventional, boneless chops (around $14)


  • PEANUT BUTTER, conventional, two 40 oz. jars (around $10)
  • ALMOND BUTTER, conventional, one 26 oz. jar (around $5)
  • NUTS IN GENERAL, conventional (range varies depending on type and season)


  • BROWN RICE, organic, 6 lb. bag (around $10)
  • QUINOA, organic, 4 lb. bag (around $10)
  • OATS, conventional (around $6)


  • GARLIC POWDER, conventional, 18 oz. plastic bottle (around $4)
  • ONION POWDER, conventional, 19.5 oz. plastic bottle (around $3)
  • DEHYDRATED ONION, chopped, conventional, 11.7 oz. plastic bottle (around $4)
  • CUMIN, ground, conventional, 14 oz. plastic bottle (around $4)
  • CHILI POWDER, conventional, 20 oz. plastic bottle (around $5)
  • CINNAMON, conventional, 10.7 oz. plastic bottle (around $3)
  • BLACK PEPPER, conventional, 12.7 oz. plastic bottle (around $5)
  • HONEY, regular, 40 oz. bottle (around $10)
  • MAPLE SYRUP, grade A, 1 liter (around $15)
  • COCONUT SUGAR, organic (around $12 a bag)
  • DRIED APPLES, bake-dried (around $6 a bag)
  • DRIED FIGS, unsulphured (around $10 a bag)

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  1. graciouspantry says:

    Similar, yes.

  2. graciouspantry says:

    That is entirely possible. I know the Concord store has a wonderful selection of organics. But I’ve heard other people say that their Costco doesn’t carry any organics at all.

  3. Thank you for posting this! I’m so glad to know that the honey and maple syrup I’ve been buying is clean. I noticed that my Costco now has Maple sugar. Thoughts? Clean? I didn’t have the time to really check out the label…

    1. graciouspantry says:

      It’s possible. You’ll have to read the ingredients. If it’s just 100% maple crystals, then yes. It’s clean.

  4. Happinessatmidlife says:

    Thank you for this list! This is help me make better choices and skip the cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Tammie Moran Smith says:

    Wee are considering getting a Costco membership. Thank you for the list!

  7. We are getting a Costco in my area. Can’t wait!

  8. Fantastic list, thank you! – our Costco doesn’t carry all the organic produce you list, but I have signed up for local organic produce delivery. I love that Costco has some great organic products at very reasonable prices. I haven’t found organic milk or meat at Costco, but I do buy frozen blueberries and the kirkland greek yogurt – anyone have any thoughts on the kirkland greek yogurt?

    1. graciouspantry says:

      It should be clean unless it’s flavored. As long as it’s plain yogurt, you should be okay.

  9. I always buy bulk cheddar bricks at Costco and shred / slice at home – what does everyone think of the cheese at Costco? I like getting the specialty cheese when they are on coupon too.

    1. graciouspantry says:

      As far as I know, they are clean.

  10. jo ann marzolf says:

    wow.. considering how much food costco has to sell, this is a pretty small list. Clean eating is gonna be hard… does it get easier with time?

    1. graciouspantry says:

      Definitely. And it’s not an all inclusive list either. I’m sure there are more products available. These are just the ones I know of and purchase.

  11. Betsy Dupre says:

    I do shop at Costco but was sad to read the following article regarding there almonds! I found a wonderful recipe for homemade almond milk on Oh She Glows!!

  12. I use coconut oil a lot instead of canola/vegetable oil. I bought a 54 oz organic unrefined jar of coconut oil for $15.99 in Michigan. So awesome

  13. Single Mom in the South says:

    Will you be doing one for BJ’s? We don’t have a Costco! ๐Ÿ™

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Sorry, I don’t have a BJ’s here. ๐Ÿ™

  14. Can you make one for Publix or Winn-Dixie? Please!!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      I wish I could, but I don’t have those stores in my area.

  15. Thanks for all the lists. They are very helpful.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      My pleasure!

  16. Char Gust says:

    Best to get honey from a local supplier if you want the benefits of fewer allergies

  17. There Wild Catch Tuna is the BEST tuna ever, low mercury, no added oil, I eat plain, It’s so good!!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Good to know! Thanks!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for these lists, very helpful. Although I am ready to switch shopping markets, my husband is not, so this is helpful for lots of people in lots of situations. I have a request ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have a clean shopping list from Sams Club?

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Stephanie – I don’t have a Sam’s club in my area. But if I find myself in one some day, I’ll do one for them as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Do you happen to have a list for BJs or Giant?

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Nicky – No, I’ve never heard of those places. Sorry!

  20. Great list! Thanks so much for doing this.

    I’d like to add the Costco organic green feeds, 5 pound size, frozen food section, $5.99 b4 tax. In Colorado Springs Costco’s, they’re available most of the time. V good quality. And the organic frozen blueberries here are 3#s for $8.99. Your list has them at 1# for $10. Yikes

    I have never seen organic grapes at our local Costco’s darn it. They’re mostly from Mexico, and they’re not labeled organic, so I don’t buy them anymore.

    Double thanks to whoever added the comment saying Costco will refund the membership difference if the executive earnings don’t add up to the cost of it. If I ever scale back enough on spending I will get to try that!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Bonnie – thanks!