11 Meals That Go With Mashed Potatoes

Many of us have a different idea of what a perfect side dish is, but mashed potatoes are one you can’t go wrong with. It’s a classic side dish that can be served with almost any main course, and it’s one of those dishes that everyone really loves. While you can eat mashed potatoes on their own, they’re even better when served with these delicious meals.

1. Caraway Seed Pork Chops

Clean Eating Caraway Seed Pork Chops Recipe
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

These pan-fried Caraway Seed Pork Chops are unique, flavorful, and so easy to make. The caraway seeds may seem like an odd pairing with mashed potatoes, but their sharp, earthy flavor really brings out the rich creaminess of the potatoes.

2. Braised Meat

Braised beef served over mashed potatoes in four bowls.
Photo Credit: Caroline’s Cooking.

Braised beef tops the list of the best foods to serve with mashed potatoes. You have endless options available, such as braised short ribs and lamb. The specific type of braised meat is up to your personal taste and preference. The creamy mashed potato pairs best with the richness of the meat.

3. Swedish Meatballs

The finished Swedish Meatballs in a cast iron skillet with sauce poured over the top.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

The combination of Swedish meatballs and mashed potato is a match made in heaven. And this particular recipe is not only delicious but dairy-free, too.

4. Meatloaf

A loaf pan filled with just-baked ground turkey meatloaf.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

For a Southern-inspired or soul-soothing meal, you can turn to the iconic combination of meatloaf and mashed potato. Is there a more hearty combination than this?

5. Pork Chops

A cooked Balsamic Pork Chop on a white plate, cut and ready to enjoy.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

A deliciously tender and juicy pork chop is the best pairing for mashed potatoes. The succulent marinade and some of the juice from the meat drip out onto the mash to elevate its flavor.

6. Roast Beef

A plate with roast beef, a baked potato and some peas.
Photo Credit: Dishes Delish.

Aside from braised meat, roast beef is another staple choice for pairing with mashed potatoes. It’s an especially popular combination during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7. Roasted Chicken

A Whole Roasted Chicken in a roasting pan with vegetables.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

If you prefer chicken over beef, it’s just as good with mashed potatoes. The crisp and crackly skin is lovely on its own, but the contrast in texture of the mashed potatoes makes it a more enjoyable meal.

8. Steak

An overhead view of a partially sliced tomahawk stead on a cutting board.
Photo Credit: The Gourmet Bon Vivant.

Steak and mashed potato is another classic that never goes wrong. You can serve it on special occasions, and you’ve got a meal that will impress.

9. Osso Buco

A plate of beef osso bucco over mashed potatoes.
Photo Credit: Caroline’s Cooking.

Beef Osso Buco is flavorful and tender. The wonderful sauce and the tender meat are a treat to your taste buds. It’s perfect with mashed potatoes, so you have something to soak up the excess sauce.

10. Lamb Chops

A white platter filled with air fryer lamb chops.
Photo Credit: Low Carb Africa.

The rich, earthy flavors of lamb chops are perfect with mashed potatoes. Eating the meat on its own would be too heavy, but the creaminess of the mashed potatoes helps to balance out the flavors.

11. Grilled Shrimp

An overhead view of shrimp skewers on a white platter.
Photo Credit: Low Carb Africa.

The combination of grilled shrimp and mashed potato is inspired by a classic Southern dish: Shrimp and Grits. Treat your taste buds to this wonderful combination that brings out the smokiness of the shrimp and elevates it with the buttery and creamy mashed potatoes.

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