Pancake Sandwich Recipe

This delicious pancake sandwich is a fun way to enjoy a special, tasty breakfast while you remind the family how much you love them.

This delicious breakfast sandwich is a fun and tasty way to make breakfast a little more enjoyable. And if you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast, keep reading!

A stack of four pancakes sit on a cutting board. Between them are pieces of bacon and a fried egg. They are put together like a sandwich and have maple syrup dripping over the top, down onto the cutting board.

Pancake Sandwiches

Pancake sandwiches were actually a fast food invention. But that doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy. Quite the opposite. They can be totally healthy without losing any of that delicious flavor. And there are so many variations and ways to make them!

Pancake Breakfast Sandwich

If you love breakfast sandwiches, try making them with pancakes instead of regular bread or biscuits. It seriously ups the flavor and is a great way to keep pancakes interesting.

Who Has The Best Breakfast Sandwich?

There is a lot of debate over who has the best breakfast sandwich. But when people debate this, they are always talking about fast-food breakfast sandwiches.

I’m here to tell you, nothing beats homemade. Both for health and for flavor. You may have to play around with your favorite combinations to get your best breakfast sandwich, but you’ll be glad you did and the process won’t be too painful. I promise.

A pancake sandwich sits cut in half. The egg yolk in the center is drizzling down to the center of the plate.

Pancake Sausage Sandwich

If you are accustomed to the sausage breakfast sandwiches you get at a drive-thru or your local Starbucks, you can make something similar at home, for much cheaper. You won’t get all that intense MSG type of flavor, but it will still be totally delicious, and healthier and will save your wallet from its daily hemorrhage.

What Kind Of Cheese Goes On A Breakfast Sandwich?

While I am totally dairy-free, Mini Chef still eats it with vigor. And by far, both of our favorites (I haven’t forgotten how good it is!), is cheddar. Cheddar tends to go best with most breakfast ingredients including eggs and pancakes.

In Germany, they eat their pancakes with cheese and vegetables. Sort of like a crepe. Using cheese, meat, and eggs is just the American version of that. In fact, if you’ve never had a savory crepe or pancake, get on it because you’re missing out!

A cut stack of this Pancake Sandwich on a fork.

Breakfast Sandwich Ideas

If you are looking for different variations to try, here are some ideas.

  • PB & J – Few things beat a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But a pancake PB&J gets a regular sandwich beat every single time. Yummy!
  • Fried Egg & Bacon – That’s the version you see at the top of this post. It’s delicious!
  • Avocado Bacon and Tomato – A delicious, variation on avocado toast!
  • Turkey Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar – Always a delicious combo that is very similar to what you can buy at Starbucks.
  • Hazelnut Banana – Make some healthy, homemade Nutella, and add some sliced bananas. Very similar to a crepe!
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate – Make a little healthy chocolate syrup and pair that with some peanut butter. Yummy!
A Pancake Sandwich cut into a heart shape for Valentine's day, with strawberry jam between the 4 layers of heart-shaped pancakes. Maple syrup has been drizzled over the top.

Pancake Sandwiches For Valentine’s Day

If you want to make these for a special day like Valentine’s Day, cut your pancakes with a cookie cutter! I did these for Valentine’s Day, but you could do Christmas trees or gingerbread men for Christmas, stars for the 4th of July, or pumpkins for Halloween!

Can You Make Breakfast Sandwiches Ahead Of Time?

It depends on what you put in them. Pancakes only stay fresh for a day or two after making them, in most cases. So if you want to make these the night before, you can. Just keep in mind that reheating really will require a microwave so you don’t overcook your eggs or bacon (if you are using those).

You’ll need to be very careful about what you use to fill these if you want to reheat them. If you like them cold, then you can fill them with pretty much anything! But don’t keep them for more than two days. Otherwise, the pancakes get kind of gross.

Can You Freeze These Pancake Sandwiches?

Technically, yes. Most breakfast sandwiches can be frozen. But here again, it will heavily depend on what you put in them and if you intend on reheating them.

For example, scrambled eggs cooked in a circle mold will always hold together better in the freezer than an over-easy/medium egg. Bacon will freeze, but you don’t want to reheat it too much or it will get overcooked.

Filling like jams, chocolate or hazelnut spread will freeze just fine. And if you use fresh fruit, consider what type of fruit you use. In fact, it’s often better to make these with fruit that is already frozen. That way there is no breakdown of texture due to refreezing.

Need Supplies?

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Pancake Recipes For Making Pancake Sandwiches

For these pancake sandwiches, I used this Oat Pancakes recipe. These pancakes are delicate due to being gluten-free. So you may want to try a regular pancake recipe such as:

Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

If you need to eat these on the go, a better option might be to use waffles instead of pancakes. Waffles also freeze better making it much easier to make these ahead of time. Here are some waffle recipes you might like to try:

How To Make A Pancake Sandwich

Pancake batter ingredients in a blender, ready to be blended to make pancakes for this Pancake Sandwich Recipe.

The first step is to make your waffle batter. I used an Oat Pancake recipe that gets made in the blender. So that’s what you see here. But again, these are pretty delicate. So only use this if you don’t mind using a knife and fork to cut and eat your sandwiches. I used them because I’m not eating wheat at the moment.

Pancakes cooking on a griddle.

Pancake Sandwich Recipe

Cook the pancakes in whatever way you usually do. For me, I have a waffle iron that has removable plates. It came with a separate set of plates that cook pancakes. So that’s what I used. But if you usually cook pancakes in a skillet, that’s what you should do here. Just pick a pancake recipe from the list above (or use your favorite), and cook as usual.

Holiday Pancake Sandwiches

I used a heart since Valentine’s Day is nearly here. But you can use any shape you like. Simply stack up a few pancakes and push your cookie cutter through.

Depending on the filling, you can either cut them dry or cut them after you have put your filling between the pancakes. Just keep in mind that the filling will squish out a bit when you cut. You can serve both the cut pancakes and the shapes with a little maple syrup drizzled over the top. Even on savory versions like bacon and egg pancake sandwiches!

Two piles of pancakes sit next to each other on a cutting board. On the left are the regular pancakes with hearts cut out of the center. On the right are the cut out hearts for a Valentine Pancake Sandwich.

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