12 Freezer Meals To Make In Bulk

If you have time on the weekends but find that the work week is just too busy for cooking, use a few of those slower hours on the weekend to stock your freezer with healthy meals. This is a great way to always have a delicious meal, ready to go, straight from the freezer. All you have to do is warm them up.

1. Waffles

A stack of buckwheat waffles with fresh berries and syrup on top.
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Waffles are one of the easiest meals to make ahead. You can make a huge batch of them and easily freeze them for several months. When you are ready to eat, just pop one or two of them in the toaster.

2. Falafel

A bowl full of falafel on a table.
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Making a big batch of falafel is a fantastic way to enjoy salads, sandwiches, and more on a busy weeknight. Defrost as many as you need for whatever you are making and enjoy.

3. Chili

A bowl of beef chili on a table with a spoon.
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A big pot of chili is a heartwarming dish that you can make ahead to simplify your meal prep, especially during busy weeknights. Make a large batch of chili and put it in single-serving containers for easy portioning. Once you’re ready to eat them, you can serve them with rice or cornbread.

4. Soups & Stews

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Soups and stews are another excellent make-ahead and freeze option, especially if you make a big pot. Cook the recipe when you have free time on the weekend, then store or freeze it. When you need a delicious and hearty lunch or dinner, simply take it out of the container, heat it up, and enjoy it with crusty bread!

5. Homemade Sauces

Marinara in an open canning jar.
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Homemade sauces are an excellent make-ahead meal because you can easily turn them into delicious meals made in minutes. Spaghetti sauce, for example, is cooked with tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, and sometimes minced meat.

6. Stir-Fry Kits

A wok filled with stir fry vegetables.
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Stir-fry kits are pre-cut vegetables and protein. You can store them in ziploc bags or containers, ideally proportioned for each serving. To cook, open the resealable bag or container and toss it into a pan or wok. Add your favorite sauce to the stir-fry mix. You can serve it with rice or add noodles.

7. Meatballs

A white bowl filled with ground turkey meatballs and garnished with fresh parsley.
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Meatballs are another excellent meal prep or freeze-ahead food that allows you to make delicious food in less than an hour. Mix meat (pork, beef, or turkey) with herbs and spices. Use an ice cream scoop to get uniform sizing on the meatballs.

8. Casseroles

A spatula lifts a portion of lasagna out of a casserole dish of lasagna.
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Casseroles are highly versatile and adaptable. There are many combinations for casserole recipes like cheese and broccoli, chicken and rice, or shepherd’s pie. So it’s a great option for anyone who wants to prepare their meals in advance. Place the pan in an oven to cook and have a comforting dinner with no prep required.

9. Homemade Pizza Dough

A ball of pizza dough on a cutting board. A used wooden spoon lays next to it.
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Preparing homemade pizza dough ahead of time can be a time-saving solution for when you are too busy to make dinner. You can prepare the pizza dough, roll it out, and freeze it until you are ready to make pizza for dinner.

10. Baked Pasta

A closeup of baked ziti pasta.
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Baked past dishes are another great way to enjoy delicious, gourmet meals in an instant. You can prepare recipes like baked ziti, using homemade sauces. Assemble the pasta, sauce, and other toppings in their baking pans or individual containers. When you are ready to eat your pasta, you can take it out of the freezer and heat it in the oven.

11. Breakfast Taquitos

A stack of Healthy Breakfast Taquitos on a wood cutting board.
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Breakfast taquitos, burritos, or wraps are an excellent solution for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast just because you have no time to prepare it. Make-ahead wraps offer the best way to pack your breakfast and have it on the go.

12. Muffins

Rows of kiwi muffins cooling on a black wire rack.
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Muffins are also another excellent make-ahead breakfast meal idea. You can mix and bake muffins using your favorite ingredients, which can be sweet or savory. Freeze the muffins in an airtight container and reheat them in the morning for a quick breakfast as you head out the door.

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