12 Potluck Recipes To Impress Your Family And Friends

If all you ever bring to potlucks is a store-bought bag of chips or a generic potato salad, then it’s time to step up your game. Potluck parties are a great way to bring family and friends together, sharing delicious food and making lasting memories that will linger long after the last bite. Here are twelve homemade treats you can bring to your next gathering.

1. Chicken Sliders

A single chicken slicer on a white plate.
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Easy to make in large batches, these Chicken Sliders are a fantastic potluck option. They are small enough for people to grab and eat without needing a plate, which makes them perfect for mingling.

2. Cornbread Muffins

A basket on its side with cornbread muffins coming out of it onto a wood table.
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These little Cornbread Muffins are the perfect side dish for main courses like chili, soup, and even barbecue. But they’re also ideal to munch on while chatting with friends.

3. Deviled Eggs

Three deviled eggs lined up on a small cutting board.
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Deviled eggs are a classic choice for a potluck party. It’s a familiar and comforting taste that will appeal to many guests. They’re easy to prepare, especially when making them in large quantities. Plus, deviled eggs provide plenty of room to customize the toppings.

4. Pasta Salad

A white bowl holds a serving of tuna pasta salad and is garnished with fresh greens.
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Pasta Salad is another dish that’s a great addition to potluck gatherings. It’s a hearty salad with pasta, vegetables, and dressing. The best part is it’s a great make-ahead dish since pasta salad is usually served cold.

5. Veggies and Hummus Dip

Horizontal overhead view looking down into a bowl filled with Black Eyed Pea Hummus.
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Here is a healthy choice for your potluck party: veggies and hummus dip. It’s a guilt-free option, especially for guests with diet restrictions. Hummus is a universally loved food, and you can serve it alongside a wide array of colorful vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers.

6. Cucumber Sandwiches

A finished cucumber sandwich cut in half.
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Cucumber sandwiches are a light and refreshing option for your potluck gatherings, making them a no-brainer choice! It’s a simple yet elegant finger food. They’re also versatile enough to adapt to a casual or formal gathering. Plus, cucumber sandwiches are easy to assemble with no cooking required. They have a mild flavor that appeals to many tastes and preferences.

7. Caprese Skewers

Caprese skewers on a white platter.
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The delightful combination of cheese, tomatoes, and basil on a stick is irresistible. They offer the best of Mediterranean flavors and are finished with a drizzle of delicious balsamic glaze.

8. Sushi Rolls

A row of sushi on a white background.
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Sushi is another universally loved food, making it an ideal choice for a potluck. Sushi appeals to adventurous eaters, and you can serve them in a few varieties so guests can pick the type of sushi they want. Sushi rolls come in bite-sized portions, which allow guests to sample and enjoy them with other potluck items. You can even make chicken sushi for those who are squeamish about seafood.

9. Zucchini Pizza Bites

Zucchini pizza bites on a platter with two prong forks.
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Want to serve pizza at a potluck but make it healthier? Try Zucchini Pizza Bites. The zucchini slices serve as the pizza base, and you can top them with various options, such as meat, vegetables, and cheese. Have fun experimenting with various flavor combinations to make every bite a delight.

10. Cheese Platter

An overhead view of a cheese platter with wine, honey and bread laying around the platter.
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A cheese platter is a sophisticated addition to any potluck. Since you can serve various kinds of cheese on a platter, you can appeal to guests looking for varying flavors and textures. A well-rounded cheese platter includes creamy and mild cheeses, such as brie, goat cheese, and Havarti, or cheeses with sharp and bold flavors, like manchego and cheddar. Make sure to incorporate nuts and fresh fruits to complete the platter.

11. Butter Chicken

A bowl of Butter Chicken on a cutting board.
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Butter chicken is a fun and delicious addition to your potluck party. Chicken is a safe protein to cook with since most people enjoy it. Butter chicken also pairs well with rice, bread, and various sides, making it versatile enough for any potluck setup.

12. No-Bake Cheesecake

A whole cheesecake, topped with fresh strawberries and mint, sitting on a cake stand.
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Your potluck gathering needs a dessert, and what better way to sweeten up your meal than with a no-bake cheesecake recipe? Cheesecakes are a crowd-pleaser because of their rich and indulgent texture. Since it requires no baking, you can make it ahead of time for stress-free party planning. It is also highly versatile since you can choose from various toppings for your cheesecake.

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