13 Taco Tuesday Side Dishes

Taco nights are great, but what makes them greater still are some delicious side dishes to go with them. If you’ve ever eaten in a Mexican restaurant, you know that some sides are considered staples. They are delicious, traditional sides that always pair well with tacos or any Mexican meal. That said, it’s easy to branch out beyond the staples and include some other wonderful sides as well. These thirteen Taco Tuesday side dishes are some of the best side dishes you can have with tacos.

1. Mexican Rice

A hand spoons some Mexican rice out of a white bowl full of it.
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This simple Mexican rice recipe is the perfect side dish for Taco Tuesdays. Once you get a taste of this rice, you will make it again and again.

2. Salsa Verde

A closeup of a white, fluted bowl filled with salsa verde sauce.
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If you’ve only ever had red salsa with your tacos, then this salsa verde will be a delicious surprise. It’s made with tomatillos instead of tomatoes, so it has a bright, tangy flavor that screams freshness.

3. Pico de Gallo

A closeup of a glass filled with cilantro salsa.
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Pico de gallo is a delicious side dish that tops the list of things to serve with tacos. Also known simply as cilantro salsa, you can create this delicious homemade goodness in minutes.

4. Restaurant Salsa

An overhead view of a wood bowl filled with restaurant salsa. Chips lay on a wooden surface to the right of the bowl.
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If you love the red salsa you get in a restaurant, easily and quickly make this recipe for restaurant salsa at home.

5. Guacamole

An overhead view of a bowl of guacamole.
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No gathering is complete without a truly excellent guacamole recipe. Try this healthy recipe for one of the best bowls of guac you’ll ever make.

6. Mexican Coleslaw

An overhead view of a white bowl filled with Mexican Coleslaw.
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Mexican coleslaw is a light and refreshing recipe that is perfect for tacos. This coleslaw recipe boasts a ton of crunch and packs plenty of flavor.

7. Corn Salsa

An overhead view of a white bowl filled with corn salsa. It sits on a white cloth with a sprig of fresh cilantro to the left side.
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This corn salsa recipe is perfect for a snack or a party. Make a big bowl and watch people dig in. It also goes perfectly with tacos.

8. Spanish Cauliflower Rice

A white bowl filled with Spanish Cauliflower Rice and topped with fresh cilantro leaves.
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If you’re looking for the perfect low-carb side dish for tacos, this is it. This Spanish cauliflower rice recipe is what you want. You won’t even miss regular rice.

9. Mango Salsa

A closeup of blueberry mango salsa in a mixing bowl.
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Take your mango salsa to the next level when you add blueberries to the recipe. Make a big batch and enjoy it with tacos. It also tastes amazing with corn chips.

10. Pineapple Salsa

A closeup of a stone salsa dish filled with fresh pineapple salsa.
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Pineapple salsa is perfect for parties or as a side dish for your next Mexican meal, especially on taco night. It’s easy to make, and the pineapple’s natural sweetness balances out the bold Mexican flavors.

11. Refried Beans

Refried Beans in a small, decorative yellow and blue bowl, sitting on a wood surface.
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This healthy refried beans recipe is easy to make and adjust. They make a great side dish for any Mexican-inspired meal, especially tacos. Serve them with some Mexican rice to enjoy this classic staple.

12. Easy Black Bean Taco Soup

An overhead view of a white crock filled with Black Bean Taco Soup.
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If soup sounds like a great side dish, this easy black bean taco soup is the way to go. It has all the flavors you’d hope for from a soup like this and packs a hearty punch thanks to the beans and vegetables. The leftovers make a great lunch the next day, too.

13. Homemade Corn Chips

A wooden bowl filled with homemade corn chips.
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If you’ve never made your own homemade corn chips, you are truly missing out. Most people think corn chips are all alike for the most part. But homemade chips are on a whole other level. The flavor is unmatched, and they pair amazingly well with a fantastic homemade salsa. Level up with homemade corn chips.

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