Seasonal Ingredients That Are Actually Affordable Right Now

Fall is a great time of year for seasonal produce. From pumpkins and butternut squash to Brussels sprouts and broccoli, seasonal produce is top-notch in Fall. The best part is that produce, such as winter squashes, last for a while. So you can stalk up and not worry about them rotting in the back of the fridge before you can eat them.

1. Pumpkin

A row of four pumpkins with stems.
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Tis’ the season! Stock up on pumpkin for delicious pumpkin recipes this autumn. Get Sugar Pie pumpkins, which actually taste the best for cooking and baking.

2. Broccoli

An up close view of fresh broccoli salad.
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Broccoli is readily available right now, and if you need a delicious reason to buy some, try this. broccoli salad.

3. Sweet Potatoes

A closeup of a jar of sweet potato butter.
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If sweet potatoes are what you love, try this sweet potato butter on your morning toast. It’ll get your morning off to a great start.

4. Figs

A closeup of a small white crock filled with fig butter.
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Figs are wonderful fruits that don’t get enough credit in the States. If you need a recipe to make with figs, try this fig butter recipe.

5. Bell Peppers

A skillet filled with bell pepper chicken.
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Bell peppers are in season from July through September. While they are available almost year-round in many areas, bell peppers taste best and are at their most affordable when they are in season. If you have a bunch of them, try making this bell pepper chicken for dinner tonight.

6. Grapes

A bunch of red grapes on a white background.
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Grapes are in season from August through October, though they are available year-round. But here again, you’ll get the best price and best flavors in season. Need a way to use them up? Try this delicious grape salad.

7. Brussels Sprouts

A bowl of Brussels sprouts in a bowl from overhead.
Photo Credit: Liudmyla Chuhunova/Shutterstock.

Brussels sprouts are a staple this time of year, especially around the holidays. They are a versatile veggie that goes with many different types of dishes.

8. Winter Squash

A butternut squash cut in half laying on a dark gray surface.
Photo Credit: Liliya Kandrashevich/Shutterstock.

Winter squash is fantastic for so many different types of dishes. From roasted squash to butternut squash soup, it’s a comforting flavor that reminds us how delicious this time of year can be.

9. Corn

An ear of corn on a white background with the husk still attached and open.
Photo Credit: Kovaleva_Ka and Shutterstock.

Corn is in season from May to September, and that’s when it’s most affordable in stores. Corn can be grilled, turned into cornbread or corn salad, or it can be eaten with butter right off the cob. Any way you eat it, it’s delicious stuff.

10. Stone Fruit

A white bowl filled with grapes and stone fruits. Plums, cherries, a nectarine and an apricot.
Photo Credit: Elena Veselova and Shutterstock.

Stone fruits include nectarines, peaches, cherries, and apricots. These are in season from May through October, depending on the fruit and what part of the world they are grown in. Load up on plums this season to make a delicious plum tart.

11. Green Beans

A white bowl filled with fresh green beans.
Photo Credit: Anna_Pustynnikova and Shutterstock.

These delicious beans are in season from May through September. They are a wonderful addition to many recipes and make a fabulous side dish all by themselves. Add a pat of butter or add them to a quinoa salad.

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Carrots and a red bell pepper arranged on a wooden surface to spell the word, vegan.
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While You’re At It, Prep Breakfast For The Week Too. It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

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