11 Delicious Sauces Every Dinner Table Needs

If you feel like your meal is missing a little something, then a sauce might be just what you need. A good sauce brings out the flavors of a dish, adds a little bit of texture, and gives it some extra flair. They can be sweet, savory, spicy, creamy, or herby, and these eleven recipes will have you covered for any menu.

1. Peanut Sauce

A small, glass jar filled with peanut sauce sits on a wood surface.
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Looking for a sauce you can use as a dip, stir-fry sauce, or salad dressing? This 5-minute Peanut Sauce is made with just three basic ingredients, but its flavor is anything but basic.

2. Barbecue Sauce

Two white spoons filled with bbq sauce.
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Every cook should know how to make a basic homemade barbecue sauce. Whether you are marinating, grilling, or just adding flavor, a good barbecue sauce recipe will always elevate the flavor of whatever you add it to.

3. Marinara Sauce

Marinara in an open canning jar.
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If you love making pasta at home, you need to know how to make a good Marinara Sauce from scratch. Marinara sauce can be used for pasta, pizza, rice, and more.

4. Chinese Garlic Sauce

A whisk resting in a small white bowl which holds some Chinese Garlic Sauce.
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Chinese Garlic Sauce is a great sauce to whip up when you are making a Chinese dish. It’s great for stir fry, vegetables, and all kinds of meats.

5. Basil Pesto Sauce

A small, glass jar filled with homemade basil pesto sauce.
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Basil Pesto Sauce is a must-know for any home cook. It’s great for spreading on sandwiches, adding to pasta, or even using as a pizza sauce. There are so many dishes made better by the addition of pesto that it would be silly not to know how to make it. It only takes a few minutes and tastes way better than anything store-bought.

6. Teriyaki Sauce

A glass bottle filled with teriyaki sauce.
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Teriyaki Sauce is a sauce of Japanese origin that has many applications in Asian cuisine. Like the Chinese barbecue sauce, you can use it for stir-frying or as a meat marinade. Either way, teriyaki sauce is easy to make at home, so you can skip buying the bottled ones. It is also made with common pantry ingredients, so making it is a breeze.

7. Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

A closeup of a spoon lifting some Thai Sweet Chili Sauce out of a small, white bowl.
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Knowing how to make Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is another important skill in the kitchen. This sauce brings depth of flavor to any dish with its combination of saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness. Although popularly used in Thai dishes, you can now see widespread use of this sauce in various cuisines.

8. Spaghetti Sauce

A white bowl filled with  Simple Spaghetti Sauce
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A delicious Spaghetti Sauce is something that every good chef knows how to make. Most people confuse it with marinara sauce, but there are a few distinctions. Marinara sauce is thinner and has a stronger tomato flavor, whereas spaghetti sauce tends to be thicker and is more heavily spiced. It’s not uncommon to add ground meat to spaghetti sauce, either.

9. Alfredo Sauce

The finished White Bean Alfredo Sauce Recipe.
Photo Credit: The Gracious Pantry.

Once you know how to make this Alfredo Sauce, you can create delicious meals quickly. This particular recipe is dairy-free and totally delicious. It’s made with white beans instead of dairy but tastes just as delicious.

10. Nacho Cheese Sauce

Nacho cheese sauce being poured over corn chips in a cast iron skillet.
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Any good cook must have a good Nacho Cheese Sauce recipe. This sauce is perfect for drizzling over nachos or a baked potato. Whether you’re making dinner for the entire family or preparing a snack, you will find many uses for this nacho cheese sauce.

11. Fish Sauce

A small white spoon lifts some homemade fish sauce out of a full jar.
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If you cook a lot of Asian dishes, you’ll find that there is one common staple ingredient: fish sauce. Learning how to make your own Fish Sauce can save you money in the long run and ensure you can make a healthier version. A fish sauce is salty, adding more umami to your dishes. This particular recipe is vegan.

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