Reddit Users Confess: The Foods Everyone Likes But You

People have taken to the internet to confess their deepest, darkest secrets… or rather, the foods that everyone else seems to love that they absolutely hate. Where do you stand? Are some of these foods also on your “I can’t stand it” list, or are they all foods that you enjoy? 

1. Coffee

Just-made French vanilla coffee creamer in a pitcher sitting next to a mug of coffee.
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For those who love coffee, it’s hard to imagine that there are people out in the world who would rather die than drink a freshly brewed cup. They are out there, though, and some even really WANT to like the taste of coffee but just can’t stomach it. 

2. Sweet Potato Fries

An overhead view of a cast iron skillet filled with sweet potato fries and a small dish of dip.
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Sweet potato fries have become very popular as a healthier alternative to traditional French fries. Lots of people love them, but for others, it’s just a cheap, cardboard-tasting imitation of a “real” fry. 

3. Oysters

A slate board covered in opened oysters.
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There’s no denying that some people absolutely love oysters, especially raw ones. There are, however, many who consider it to be the equivalent of eating someone else’s phlegm. They really don’t seem appetizing at all when you hear them described like that.

4. Mushrooms

A pile of raw mushrooms with green parsley leave sprinkled on top.
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There’s no denying that mushrooms are good for you and that they make an excellent meat substitute. Some people simply can’t get past the fact that they are fungus or the texture and flavor of them. 

5. Nutella

An open jar of Nutella on a wooden surface.
Photo Credit: margouillat photo/Shutterstock.

Nutella seems to be one of those foods that you really, really like or really, really hate. It’s just crushed hazelnuts mixed with chocolate, but as several people mentioned, it’s also full of preservatives and sugar and is really not good for you anyway. 

6. Tomatoes

A platter of small grape and cherry tomatoes.
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We all have at least one friend who absolutely despises tomatoes but will eat ketchup by the gallon. There are lots of people who genuinely cannot abide the texture and flavors of tomatoes when they are served on a sandwich or in a salad. 

7. American Cheese

Slices of individually wrapped American cheese on a countertop.
Photo Credit: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock.

Lots of people love American cheese melted on a burger or placed on a sandwich, but there are plenty of people who simply cannot stand it. It’s not even real cheese…it’s a pasteurized prepared cheese “product.” So, you know…fake.

8. Gin 

A glass of gin with a lime wedge on a white background.
Photo Credit: M. Unal Ozmen/Shutterstock.

Plenty of people enjoy slowly sipping on a gin and tonic, while others shake their heads and wonder why on earth people want to drink such a terrible-tasting drink. One person commented that it tastes like “spicy pine water,” with many concurring that the description does accurately describe the taste. 

9. Celery

A bunch of celery on a white background.
Photo Credit: Kaiskynet Studio/Shutterstock.

Celery is an ingredient used in a lot of recipes. For many, it’s practically undetectable. For others, it can ruin a whole dish. Many people dislike the stringy texture and feel as though it gets caught in their teeth. Where do you stand? Are you a fan of celery, or do you skip it? 

10. Cilantro

A wooden spoon holds chopped, fresh cilantro.
Photo Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

There are lots of people who love to garnish their tacos or nachos with a bit of cilantro. But for some people, there is nothing worse. Some people claim that cilantro tastes like soap, and apparently, there is a gene that predisposes them to that. But there is a third group that feels it just tastes like yuck. 

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