Going Green For The Superbowl

If you are eco-cautious and want to know that you are making the smallest footprint possible, don’t forget to go green for the Super Bowl. Having friends over for food and drinks to watch the game is a classic American pastime. But that doesn’t mean we have to create a lot of waste while we do it. Here are ten tips from Better For All for a greener Super Bowl party.

1. Prep Food Wisely

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Aim to prepare just enough food – hitting that sweet spot where everyone’s satisfied, but nothing goes to waste. Plan recipes accordingly with headcount and consider donating any unopened leftovers. 

2. Compost Your Scraps

Compost with composted earth
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If feasible, set up a small compost bin for appropriate food waste to bring home to your backyard compost or to put out with your municipal compost pickup if available. 

3. Travel Together

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Carpool or use public transit as much as possible. It’s not just a great way to reduce emissions and save money but also a great way to spend more quality time together before and after the game! 

4. Buy In Bulk And Avoid Unnecessary Packaging

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Purchase snacks and drinks in bulk to reduce packaging waste. It’s often more economical and reduces the amount of plastic and cardboard used; plus, it’s more budget-friendly.

5. Shop Local

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Wherever possible, choose locally sourced ingredients for your BBQ. Supporting local agriculture often reduces transportation emissions, supports your local economy, and it’s a great way to enjoy produce that’s fresh and in season.

6. Eco-Friendly Grilling

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Opt for a propane grill over charcoal. Here’s why: propane usually burns cleaner than charcoal, producing fewer pollutants while you grill up your hotdogs, burgers, and everything else in between. 

7. Sip Sustainably

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Swap out single-use plastic cups for compostable ones. Brands like Better for All offer options that are just as convenient as single-use options so you can enjoy both hot and cold beverages with less waste. 

8. Pack It In, Pack It Out

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Remember the camper’s motto: “Leave no trace.” Make sure to pack up everything you brought along with you, including trash and recycling, especially if waste management isn’t provided on-site.

9. Cook Smart

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Pre-cooking certain items, like your sides, at home can save energy. Plus, it gives you less to worry about, so you can focus on enjoying time with your crew! 

10. Use Solar Powered Items

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Light up your tailgate and crank up the tunes with solar-powered gadgets. They’re great for reducing your reliance on electricity and batteries.

11. Reuse Decor

Appetizers on the table for the football party with game-day decor.
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Whether it’s colorful fabric banners or solar-powered LED lights, why not jazz up our space with some reusable decorations? Choosing items you can use again for a future tailgate or other events will reduce waste and make for better photo opps!

The Daily Snack Tray

An overhead view of a charcuterie board with veggies, pita chips, and two bowls of dip.
Photo Credit: JeniFoto/Shutterstock.

Home with the kids? This snack tray idea is a great way to get them to snack on healthy foods all day and quit bugging you for snacks. Works for adults, too!

After-School Snacks That Won’t Ruin Dinner

Two young kids eating strawberries.
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Sick of the kids ruining dinner with everything they eat after they get home from school? Here are some ideas for healthier snacks they’ll enjoy that won’t ruin dinner.

Need Some Healthy Movie Snacks?

A young boy watching a movie holding a drink and a popcorn bag.
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The food shack at the movie theater can leave you with a tummy ache when the movie is done. Here are some snacks you can sneak in or enjoy at home for a happier belly.

40 Clean Eating Road Trip Snacks

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Hitting the road this summer? Take along some healthy snacks that will keep you from overspending and ending up with a stomach ache because we all know that the food you buy on the road is rarely, if ever, the healthiest option.

This originally appeared on The Gracious Pantry.

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