Spring Rolls Recipe

This spring rolls recipe is a thing of beauty and fine, fine flavor.

I’m actually obsessing over spring rolls lately. I just can’t get enough. They are low in calories, high in nutrients and the flavor is just wonderful. I feel so healthy after making a meal of them! And you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a big plate of them either because it’s all veggies!

Clean Eating Spring Rolls Recipe


  • You can make them with any filling your prefer. Any combination of veggies will work!
  • Don’t skimp on the mint! The mint flavor totally makes these rolls. It’s so delicious!
  • You can use any sprouts you like. Mung bean sprouts would be wonderful as well.
  • The avocado isn’t necessary if you want to keep the calories and fat really low. But it does add nice flavor and texture.
  • You can make these with our without the noodles. I used a brown rice MaiFun noodle. But you can also use a whole grain vermicelli or even bean threads (although, those tend to stick together a lot)
  • The easiest way to make these with some efficiency is to set up an assembly line next to your stove. Prep all ingredients first, line them up, and then start making the rolls. It goes much faster this way.
  • Keep a warm pot of water on the stove as the first step of your assembly line. Bring it to a boil, then turn off the heat. Use tongs to dip the brown rice wrappers into the hot water.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice the first rice wrapper if you’ve never made these before. I tore mine to shreds figuring out how to work with it properly. But after that first one, I was good to go!
  • The rice wrappers are a bit on the stretchy side, so don’t be afraid to stretch the wrapper over your veggies as you roll these up. A tight wrap makes a big difference in how gracefully you can eat these.

Clean Eating Spring Rolls Recipe


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Clean Eating Spring Rolls Recipe

Clean Eating Spring Rolls Recipe

A delicious, low calorie, low fat meal you can totally pig out on!
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Course: Appetizer, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: Asian
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Author: Tiffany McCauley


  • shredded purple cabbage
  • sprouts (whatever kind you like)
  • carrots (cut julienne)
  • cucumber (cut julienne)
  • mint (chopped)
  • avocado (optional - sliced thin)
  • brown rice vermicelli
  • brown rice wrappers


  • Place a large pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil. Once it boils, turn off heat.
  • While the water heats up, set up all your ingredients assembly line style. The pot of water should be the first step at the stove, then a work space or plate to place the rice wrappers on, and the veggies and pasta after that.
  • Using tongs, dip a single rice wrapper into the hot (no longer boiling) water. This will take 10 seconds or less) Remove the wrapper with the tongs and spread it out flat on your work surface or plate (this can take a little doing depending on how you managed it in the pot. Try not to let it get too tangled up in the water).
  • Lay out a small amount of each of the veggies and some of the pasta.
  • Wrap up the veggies in the wrapper just like you would wrap a burrito. Once side first, then the two ends, and then finish rolling. Don't be afraid to pull the wrapper tight. They are stronger then they look!
  • Once you have finished rolling all of the spring rolls, serve them with a side of tamarind or soy sauce. And if you really want an explosion of flavor, try a good peanut sauce!


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