10 Clean Eating On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes

These 10 Clean Eating On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes are sure to get you out the door quickly with maximum nutrition in hand.

Let’s face it, mornings are crazy. Waking up is hard enough without having anything to do, but add on having to be to work or class by a specific time, and you’ve got yourself a stressful and hectic situation. Unfortunately, the craziness of the morning often means that many people forget or choose not to eat breakfast. However, skipping breakfast can be extremely harmful to your clean eating lifestyle, as it often leads to excessive snacking and overeating during lunch and dinner. But luckily, breakfast doesn’t have to be a 30, 20, or even a 10-minute affair; if you’ve got just 3 minutes to spare, you can prepare these 6 healthy, delicious, and satisfying meals perfect for eating on the go.

10 Clean Eating On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes collage of 4 different breakfast ideas.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

10 Clean Eating On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes

1. Spiced Peanut Butter And Banan Roll-Up

Spread all-natural nut butter on a whole-grain tortilla, and place a peeled banana at one edge of it. Sprinkle with cinnamon, then roll it up for a nutritious and portable meal.

A banana wrap on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

2. Pumpernickel Toast With Hummus And Sunflower Seeds

Toast up two slices of pumpernickel or whole-grain bread, spread with hummus, and sprinkle with sunflower seeds for a uniquely savory breakfast filled with healthy fats. Using flavored hummus, such as roasted red pepper hummus, makes for an even more delightful treat.

A slice of toast with hummus and sunflower seed on top.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

3. Berries and Cream English Muffin Sandwich

Slice an English muffin in half, spread with a bit of Greek yogurt, top with berries such as raspberries or blueberries, and drizzle with honey for additional antioxidants and a boost of sweetness.

And english muffin with cream and berries on top.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

4. Quick Muesli

In a plastic baggie, combine a half cup of plain rolled oats with a handful of nuts and a handful of unsweetened dried fruit. This tasty, fiber-filled breakfast will be sure to keep your tasty buds entertained during your commute.

A plastic baggie filled with dry muesli.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

5. Greek Yogurt With Pistachios And Honey

The Greeks knew what they were doing when they paired honey with their yogurt. Sprinkle with pistachios and you’ve got yourself a healthy, high-protein, portable, and delicious version of baklava.

A white bowl of greek yogurt with pistachios sprinkled over the top.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

6. Whole Grain Bagel With Tahini And Smoked Salmon

Spread half a bagel with tahini, and top with smoked salmon. Easy to hold in one hand and full of fiber and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, this spin on a classic brunch food makes a delicious meal to travel with.

A cut bagel with smoked salmon on top, sits on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

7. Sweet Potato With Almond Butter And Cinnamon

I know this sounds odd, but trust me on this one; nut butter with sweet potatoes is a winning combo for both your body and your taste buds. Microwave your sweet potato the night before and in the morning, split it down the center with a knife, stuff it with almond butter, and add a touch of cinnamon. It even tastes great cold!

A split open sweet potato is filled with nut butter.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

8. Peanut Butter Yogurt With Fresh Fruit

Mix a couple of spoonfuls of natural peanut butter and some natural sweetener into a six-ounce container of plain Greek yogurt. It will thicken up and taste rich and decadent, almost like peanut butter cheesecake. Eat it with a piece of fresh fruit for a sweet and satisfying meal.

A container of yogurt sits on a cloth with peanut butter mixed into the yogurt.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

9. Toast With Cottage Cheese And Tomato

Top slices of toast with cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, and salt and pepper. This quick, savory breakfast will leave you satisfied for hours.

Two slices of toast sit on a dark surface, they are topped with cottage cheese and halved cherry tomatoes.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

10. Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt

Take a container of plain Greek yogurt, and add a heaping spoonful of unsweetened pumpkin puree. Sweeten with a bit of honey, and spice it up with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice; it’s like clean pumpkin pie you can eat with a spoon! Just add a handful of nuts and you’ve got yourself a balanced meal.

A white bowl sits on a towel, and is filled with pumpkin pie greek yogurt and topped with pecans.
Photo Credit: Sprinkled With Health.

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  1. I was wondering if you could substitute regular plain yogurt for the Greek yogurt? I have tried and tried and just cannot get used to the taste of Greek yogurt.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      LeEdna – Sure! As long as it’s plain yogurt, it should be clean. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Patty Hawk says:

    Tried the banana and tortilla, the Muesli, and the cottage cheese and tomato and loved them all. The recipes are delicious and quick and I love your photography!!! Great ideas!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Patty – Thanks! I’ll pass that on to Megan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gail pelton says:

    Loved the Yogurt with Pistachios and Honey. That will become my go-to sweet thing! And with Autumn right around the corner – Pumpkin Pie Yogurt sounds yummy!.
    Banana/peanut butter roll-ups are reminicent of my Gram’s PB & banana sandwiches that she made me for lunch. Can’t wait to try them.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Gail – So happy you enjoyed them! Megan has some wonderful ideas! So happy to have her on board. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You always have such great ideas. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and have the same food over and over. Thanks for the variety. I’m looking forward to trying some of these.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Rachel – I hope you enjoy them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Diane Dreyling says:

    These ideas are great. The pictures make me want to try them all and get out of my daily bowl of cereal rut. Thank you!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Diane – Fantastic! So happy it helped! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Jennifer Eldredge says:

    I’ve already tried the peanut butter banana rollup and it was delicious! I can’t wait to try the rest!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Jennifer – Fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Want to try the banana rollup – can someone recommend a healthy whole grain tortilla?

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Maria – Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods carries them. The Alvarado Street Bakery company puts some out as does the company that make Ezekiel bread.

  8. Julia Rose says:

    These recipes look absolutely delectable! I’m definitely going to have to try them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your foodie creativity!!!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Julia – My pleasure! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. How long do you microwave the sweet potato?

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Nikki – That depends on the size of the potato. Prick holes in it and start with 3-4 minutes. Then add more at 30 second to 1 minute intervals depending on the level of “doneness”.

  10. Fyi- tortillas, english muffins, and breads are not clean eating… They are over processed and likely the cause for constapation.

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      April – Actually, that’s not true. Particularly if they are homemade. There are lots of clean bread products out there, although they are not always easy to find.

  11. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Is yogurt considered clean or just plain yogurt?

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Rebecca – Just plain yogurt is clean. I have, on rare occasion, found yogurts at Whole Foods that were only fruit juice sweetened. But I haven’t seen them in a very long time.

  12. These all seem pretty brilliant, but the title is “on the go”, and I think many of them (especially the sweet potato… hmm) are not “on the go” options at all. Just a thought you might want to consider!

    1. The Gracious Pantry says:

      Lindsey – I take them on-the-go all the time! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just put them in a travel container and I eat it while I sit in traffic.

  13. Barb Zacchigna says:

    Wonderful ideas, with few ingredients and eat on the go opportunity with most of them. Trying to get hubby to eat cleaner, and popping a quick breakfast on top of his lunch to eat on the go, is a great start.