Ground Turkey Breakfast Scramble Recipe

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This ground turkey breakfast scrambleΒ is perfect if you need a good dose of protein to get your day started right.

I’m trying to get more protein into my mornings. Something about it just helps me keep my head clear all day. I find that if I eat carbs for breakfast, I often have a harder time waking up.

So I came up with this little concoction and I have to say that it’s quickly becoming a favorite. Even Mini Chef begs for a bowl whenever I make it. I top his with marinara and mine with salsa. Such a great way to start the morning!

Clean Eating Egg And Turkey Scramble

And if you eat low carb, this is a great way to get some veggies into your morning meal! Not always an easy thing to do on a low carb eating plan. But it is possible if you get creative! I try to get vegetables into all three meals (I no longer do the six small meals a day thing). It’s a challenge sometimes, but I just feel so much better when I do. No matter what your eating plan is, veggies should always be a part of it, even if you have to trick yourself into eating them.


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A single, white bowl on a wood background. It's filled with ground turkey scramble.

Ground Turkey Breakfast Scramble

I know, there are no measurements here. But that's as it should be. I never measure this either. I just make this based on how hungry I am.
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Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Author: Tiffany McCauley


  • Ground turkey meat
  • Eggs or egg whites
  • Spinach
  • Olive oil


  • Cook the meat in the olive oil first.
  • Then add the eggs and spinach. Cook until everything is completely cooked through.
  • Top with your favorite salsa or marinara.


Please note that recipe nutrition data is not available for this recipe.

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I'm Tiffany, a writer for MSN and the AP Newswire, a cookbook author, digital publisher, food lover, and mom.Β I create healthy, clean eating recipes for everyday living.

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  1. graciouspantry says:

    Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! Great job!

  2. graciouspantry says:

    Sounds great! Enjoy!

  3. graciouspantry says:

    Thanks so much! Enjoy!

  4. Yum this sounds delicious. I might even make this as an easy dinner. I love this blog so much…keep the awesome recipes coming!

    1. graciouspantry says:

      Thank you! Enjoy!

  5. Sondra Sweeney says:

    This recipes is surprising, due to the fact that you haven’t said anything about the type of ground turkey. Buying it from the supermarket meat counter would be a bad choice. Grinding your own sans fat and make it white meat would be the course I would go. The choice is important. May your year be healthy, happy and prosperous.

    1. graciouspantry says:

      Do what works best for you.

  6. I’m am officially addicted to this site:) I made this for breakfast this morning and added a dash of Tabasco. Yum. I’m making the chicken korma for dinner tonight.

  7. This recipe is very easy and delicious. I tried it for my breakfast. It is yum and healthy. Thanks,

  8. Would this work with rotisserie chicken instead of ground turkey or chicken? It sounds good as is, but my husband did the grocery shopping, and that’s what we ended up with.

  9. This sounds great! I’m gonna try it tomorrow but with broccoli, i have no spinach at the moment.

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