No Sugar Challenge For Clean Eaters

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It seems like everywhere you look, there is new information out about how bad sugar really is for you. And yet it’s in EVERYTHING these days. Even clean eaters must watch their intake of natural sugars. Something I personally struggle with all the time. *Blasted sweet tooth!* But I have found that this no sugar challenge for clean eaters helps me in ways I never imagined.

No Sugar Challenge

Sugar really is incredible stuff when you think about it. Few things can addict us in such a way and still allow us to function for years on end before showing any real, ill health effects. It’s sweet, it’s comforting, and it’s widely accepted as a normal part of life. Even for clean eaters, it’s easy to slide down that slippery slope sometimes. An extra bit of honey in your coffee, a little extra maple syrup on your protein waffles or just one extra clean cookie because they taste sooo yummy, can really put you in just as bad a place as if you were eating the refined garbage. I know, it’s happened to me numerous times and I don’t even realize it’s happened until I notice I’m seeking out something sweet because I’m craving it. Not good.

So in an effort to clean up my clean eating plan, I’m hosting another No Sugar Challenge. Will you join me?


NOTE: If you want to join the challenge, bookmark THIS page now!


This challenge starts now! (Or on whatever day you want to start.)
You can choose to do this challenge for either 2 weeks or a full month. Just keep in mind that anything less than 2 weeks won’t do you much good. So you really need to commit to at least 2 weeks.


This is everything you will need to participate in the No Sugar Challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: While stevia is not sugar, it is also not allowed on this challenge as is the case with any sugar substitutes, including things like Xylitol. The idea here is to get you past the NEED for something sweet.

Challenge originally posted 4/21/12.

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  2. Brianna Roehrborn says:

    Doing this for a whole month starting Jan 2! Actually looking forward to it 🙂

  3. starting the no sugar challenge this morning. good luck to everyone doing the challenge. it’s going to be tuff but we can do it!

  4. Hello, I see that this article/comments are several months old but the group on FB seems active so I sent a request. Thank you.

  5. Kristen Lee says:

    Just now discovering your site and clean eating, for that matter. I’m extremely addicted to sugar and just the thought of giving it up gives me anxiety. I really want to do this!

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  7. This challenge has changed my life. Thank you, Tiffany!

  8. How about monk fruit sweetener? I was using Stevia in the raw but switched when I saw this product.
    Would I need to eliminate the monk fruit sweetener to fully detox?

  9. Kathy Izzo says:

    Ate a lot of black jelly beans yesterday …… Feeling very bloated today! Back on the wagon again!!!!!

  10. When having coffee, does adding milk to it add sugar? Whether it’s whole milk or skim milk? i know milk is technically not part of clean eating, but i am mostly doing this challenge for the no sugar.

    1. Laura – It does add sugar, but this particular challenge is about added sugar. The sugar in milk is naturally occurring, so it’s fine. Don’t read the percentages (unless you have to for medical reasons), stick to the ingredient list. If you don’t see sugar listed, it’s fine! Just remember that sugar has many names…

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