17 Clean Eating Fat Bomb Recipes

If you haven’t done a Google search lately for clean eating fat bomb recipes, you’re missing out!

Fat bombs have really gained popularity, and they don’t show any sign of going away any time soon. They are a wonderful way to make sure you are getting your healthy fats for the day, and they are delicious to boot! They make a great snack tucked into your lunch box, and they will definitely keep you full and satisfied until dinner time.

17 Clean Eating Fat Bomb Recipes


If you’ve never made fat bombs before, there is actually kind of a learning curve, particularly if you like the idea of creating your own versions and flavors. And if you bring clean eating into it, it becomes even more of an interesting adventure. But truly, they are not complicated at all. Let’s break down the components of a good fat bomb (don’t worry, there are recipes you can follow below).


Sweet fat bombs (savory fat bombs are a whole other blog post!) are pretty limited in their bases if you want to keep them clean. You essentially have two choices. Coconut oil or a good quality butter. The main idea is that you want something that will solidify when cold. For the purposes of clean eating, those two bases are your best options. (And yes, Ghee works too. I just always seem to want to lump that in with the butter.)

17 Clean Eating Fat Bomb Recipes
Chocolate Almond Collagen Fat Bombs – WhatGreatGrandmaAte.com (recipe link below)


Again, you have two options here if you want to keep your fat bombs clean. Honey or maple syrup. I know there are other sweeteners on the market, but many are more processed than honey or maple syrup. So for the sake of simplicity, stick with those two. Pure liquid stevia is also an option, however, it doesn’t add enough liquid to really affect a recipe like this. So it’s usually lumped in with dry sweeteners based on quantity alone.


While there are some new, clean sweeteners coming on the market, the ones I know best (and can afford!) are Sucanat and coconut sugar. If you want a finer consistency in your clean eating fat bomb recipes, then simply run either of these sweeteners through a blender/grinder. And again, pure liquid stevia is always a great option, although I know some of the purists out there would scoff at that as well. It’s totally a personal choice. I leave it up to you.

17 Clean Eating Fat Bomb Recipes
Bulletproof Coffee Drops – AGirlWorthSaving.com (recipe link below)


Feel free to mix and match here as you like to make your own unique, clean eating fat-bomb recipes.

  • Lemon zest
  • Lime zest
  • Orange zest
  • Cocoa powder
  • Vanilla
  • Nuts (chopped is usually best over whole nuts)
  • Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Berries
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Dried coconut (unsweetened)
  • Fine ground coffee or espresso
  • Nut butter
17 Clean Eating Fat Bomb Recipes
Clean Eating Peanut Butter Fat Bombs – TheGraciousPantry.com (recipe link below)

But if making your own unique versions at home doesn’t sound like something you want to try, don’t fret! As promised, I’ve got 17 clean eating fat bomb recipes here you can try for yourself. Enjoy!


  1. Clean Eating Peanut Butter Fat Bombs Recipe – THEGRACIOUSPANTRY.COM
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  4. Keto Fat Bombs with Cacao and Cashew – KETTLEANDFIRE.COM
  5. Almond Joy Fat Bombs – KETOCONNECT.NET
  6. White Chocolate Fat Bombs – LOWCARBYUM.COM
  7. Pumpkin Spice Fat Bombs – GRASSFEDGIRL.COM
  9. Coconut Berry Fat Bombs – WHOLENATURALLIFE.COM
  10. Easy Nut Butter Fat Bombs – RAIASRECIPES.COM
  11. Bulletproof Coffee Drops – AGIRLWORTHSAVING.NET
  12. Blueberry Walnut Coconut Fat Bombs – WHATGREATGRANDMAATE.COM
  13. Chocolate Almond Butter Collagen Fat Bombs – WHATGREATGRANDMAATE.COM
  14. Paleo Butter Pecan Keto Fat Bombs – WHATGREATGRANDMAATE.COM
  15. Peppermint Fat Bombs – DITCHTHECARBS.COM
  16. Lemon Vanilla Coconut Butter Bites – THERISINGSPOON.COM
  17. Paleo Keto Raspberry Chocolate Fat Bombs – MYPCOSKITCHEN.COM

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