Grilling Marinades For Your Next Barbecue

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These 4 grilling marinades for your next barbecue are sure to keep that food on the grill moist and tasty!

4 Clean Eating Summer Marinades For Your Next Barbecue

Summer is all about the barbecue. After all, who wants to heat up the oven when it’s hot outside??

So this season, I dove into the world of marinades. It was an interesting experience and I’m sure I”ll be doing more marinades in the future. But I did come up with these 4 “all-purpose” marinades for different types of meats, and boy were they good! Each one got rave reviews from Mini Chef, and that’s saying something because my 9 year old can be really, super picky sometimes. But he devoured what you see in the photos above, and so did I!

If you need more information on how to marinate different meats properly, check out my guide here. It’s super easy!!

And just a quick note on using them, please be sure you are not using marinade that you’ve had raw meat in as your sauce. After marinating the meat, if you don’t cook it, toss it. Nobody wants raw meat juice on their nicely cooked meal! (It happens all the time…)

And of course, I have a shopping list here for you so you can make them all!

They are made in minutes, freeze nicely for up to 6 months, thaw quickly and make for a really delicious meal. So what are you waiting for?

And remember, you don’t HAVE to cook your meats on the barbecue. These marinades work great no matter how you cook your meats. Enjoy!



  1. Clean Eating Pork Marinade
  2. Clean Eating Seafood Marinade
  3. Clean Eating Beef Marinade
  4. Clean Eating Chicken Marinade
  5. Shopping List



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  1. Kelly Mahan says:

    Great recipes, can’t wait to try the pork and chicken (my two favorites!).

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