15 Easy WHOLE30 Recipes According to a Health Coach

Are you planning a diet for the new year? If you want to reset and create new healthy eating habits, the Whole30 Diet could be for you. It is one of the most popular diets to start in January, and, as a health coach, I often recommend it to clients.

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Managing the Whole30 Diet can be challenging, especially in the first two weeks, so it’s important to find easy recipes that you can make on repeat. You can do this with simple meal planning and be on your way to a healthy new year.

What Is The WHOLE30 Diet?

Whole30 is a strict 30-day diet program focusing on resetting your health and relationship with food. After the thirty days of restriction, there is a ten-day reintroduction of foods where you monitor and assess which foods may have been bothering you. Some users call this more of a ‘challenge’ than a diet since you only do it for a limited amount of time.

According to the founder, Melissa Urban, certain foods can negatively impact your health, and you often don’t even realize it. She says that eliminating these problematic foods could change your life.

Why My Clients Like The WHOLE30 Program

Many of my clients succeeded in losing weight with the program. Yet, there are other even more important benefits they see from eating real foods; these are called ‘non-scale victories.’

This program helps people fight their sugar addiction. Giving up sugar for thirty days changes your taste buds and allows you to discover the natural sweetness in foods.

After this hiatus, sugar will not taste the same to you again. You will likely not crave it anymore. The natural sugars found in raspberries, strawberries, and apples will be enough to satisfy your cravings.

“My clients find the Whole30 diet is a great reset for their bodies,” said Meghan Punda, Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Nourished and Well. “They report decreased food cravings, increased energy, improved digestion, identification of food sensitivities, and improved balance with hormones and blood sugars. It allows people to take control of their health, starting with nutrition.”

If you are ready for the challenge, here are 15 Easy Whole30 recipes to get you started.

Easy WHOLE30 Breakfast Recipes

Bacon and Egg Cups From Seasonal Cravings

These cuties are made in a muffin tin and look like bacon and egg cupcakes. They are easy to make ahead and eat on the go or for a late afternoon snack.

4-Ingredient Low Carb Pancakes From Cotter Crunch

It’s hard to believe these delicious pancakes have only four ingredients, and they are gluten and dairy free. These slightly sweet and nutty pancakes are a blank canvas for your creative toppings like berries or dark chocolate chips.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole From Eat The Gains

This recipe is tasty, nutritious, and easy to make and can be prepared in advance to save time making breakfast throughout the week. Meal prep it on Sunday and eat healthy all week.

Breakfast Grits From I Heart Umami

Usually, grits would not be Whole30 compliant, but this creative recipe uses finely ground almond meal to replace the corn in these grits. It is filling, hearty, and nutritious. It’s also one of those dishes you can meal prep, saving you time in the morning!

Easy Green Breakfast Bowls From Paleo Running Momma

Cauliflower rice is the base for this easy savory breakfast full of vegetables. Do a quick saute of whatever vegetables you have on hand, like peppers, onions, or kale, and place it on the cauliflower rice. Top it with perfectly cooked eggs and a few slices of avocado for a delicious treat that will keep you fueled all day.

Easy WHOLE30 Lunch Recipes

Easy Hamburger Soup From Seasonal Cravings

Easy Hamburger Soup is loaded with sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, celery, and fire-roasted tomatoes. It can be ready in under 30 minutes and lasts well in the fridge for lunches during the week. Perfect for a chilly day.

Salmon Avocado Salad From Downshiftology

This filling salad contains nutritious ingredients like spinach, avocado, tomatoes, and red onions. Top it with seared salmon and lemon vinaigrette, and you are good to go.

WHOLE30 Beef Burrito Bowls From Eat This, Not That

This will become your new lunch formula. Make the beef ahead of time and load up a cauliflower rice bowl with whatever leftover vegetables you have in the refrigerator. This delicious one has smokey spices, avocado, and red onions for extra flavor.

Avocado Egg Salad From Paleo Running Momma

This recipe is for you if you are looking for a replacement for traditional egg salad. This updated version is packed with healthy fats and protein. Eat it on its own, serve it in lettuce wraps, or piled high on a baked sweet potato.

Instant Pot Carnitas From 40 Aprons

This recipe is super simple and versatile – you’ll make it once a week. Rub all the spices on the pork and place it in the Instant Pot for twenty-five minutes. You can use this pork to make lunch bowls, salads, and lettuce wraps.

Easy WHOLE30 Dinner Recipes

Tender London Broil From Seasonal Cravings

Do you know the trick to get your London Broil tender every time? Well, now you will! London Broil is an easy-to-make protein that can be meal prepped for use in salads, cauliflower rice bowls, and stir-fries throughout the week. Once you make it this way, you’ll never turn back.

Shrimp Pad Thai From What Great Grandma Ate

This creative dish uses spiralized carrots in place of pad thai noodles. This recipe is full of flavor, and you’ll want to make a double batch so you can take it in your lunch the next day. Carrot noodles hold up well and don’t get soggy.

Skillet Roasted Chicken With Cabbage From The Modern Proper

This three-ingredient dinner includes a spatchcocked chicken and a homemade taco seasoning that you will want to use on everything. Make two of these flavorful chickens and use them on your cauliflower bowls throughout the week.

Sheet Pan Everything Bagel Crusted Salmon From Wholesomelicious

Sheet pan dinners make for the easiest weeknight meals because you put everything in the same pan to roast all at once in the oven. This simple one-pan dinner is loaded with Everything Bagel seasoning and is ready in fifteen minutes.

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla-less Soup From The Movement Menu

This clever title tells the whole story behind the Whole30-compliant soup. Making this in the Instant Pot means it’s finished in ten minutes. It’s dairy-free, keto, and whole30 compliant, and it can’t get much easier.

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