How To Substitute Sugar

Ever wonder how to substitute sugar? Wonder if you can use honey in a recipe that calls for white processed sugar? You can! In fact, eating clean doesn’t have to mean giving up a ton of your favorites. All you really have to do is substitute a healthier (clean) sugar for the processed white stuff and you’re good to go!

But hang on, there’s a trick.

You can’t substitute cup for cup. You have to substitute by weight. Trying to substitute by volume will leave you with a disaster. So always weigh the amount of sugar you are supposed to use and then use the same amount of honey.

Maple Syrup:

You can do the same thing with dry sugar and maple syrup. There will be a slight difference in weight (between honey and maple syrup), but the conversions are roughly the same.

Just keep in mind that maple syrup doesn’t have the strength of sweetness that honey does. Most folks would use more maple syrup to get the same level of sweetness as honey or sugar. That doesn’t mean you should use more in every recipe though. If your recipe calls for dry sugar and you want to use maple syrup, definitely stick to the weight exchange, even if your final recipe isn’t as sweet. Using too much maple syrup can really offset the liquid ratios of your recipe. Depending on the recipe (especially in baking!), this could cause a disaster. So just go into it knowing that if you use maple syrup, your final dish may simply not taste as sweet. But then, that can sometimes be a good thing!

Don’t have a scale to do all this weighing with? Not to worry. I’ve done the hard work for you! Here’s a handy, pinnable guide you can refer to again and again. Simply hover your mouse over the image to pin if you wish to save it on Pinterest.



How To Substitute Sugar