Goal Setting Worksheet #1

Be honest with yourself. This is not a race, this is the consistent practice of making small changes in your life until you’ve reached your goal. What goals can you realistically work towards right now?

MY REASONABLE GOAL FOR TODAY:_____________________________________________________

MY REASONABLE GOAL FOR THIS WEEK:__________________________________________________

MY REASONABLE GOAL FOR THE MONTH:_________________________________________________


Until you get used to planning 6 meals a day, it can often help to plan 3, and then just divide them in half. You can always make small adjustments to those divided meals to keep them properly balanced.

MEAL #1 ___________________________________________________________________________

MEAL #2___________________________________________________________________________

MEAL 3#___________________________________________________________________________

Divide them in half and eat at:

TIME, MEAL #1 ______________________________________________________________________

TIME, MEAL #2______________________________________________________________________

TIME, MEAL #3______________________________________________________________________

TIME, MEAL #4______________________________________________________________________

TIME, MEAL #5______________________________________________________________________

TIME, MEAL #6______________________________________________________________________


Create at least 3 rules that you will live by.  A regular bed time? A food you know you need to get rid of to find success? The time of evening your kitchen officially closes? What will YOUR rules be?

RULE #1 ___________________________________________________________________________

RULE #2 ___________________________________________________________________________

RULE #3 ___________________________________________________________________________