Meal Plan Subscription Complete!

I’m so excited that you’ve signed up! I just know you’re going to love your meal planner. It makes meal planning so much easier!!

Check our inbox for your first meal plan.

If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. Also, ensure you add my email to your safe list so that your meal plans actually make it to your inbox. Just add the email to your contacts and you should receive your meal plans without any issues! (email: [email protected])

That being said, the internet is never perfect. If you run into any glitches or have any problems, simply email me directly and I will get the issue resolved for you.

And lastly, I have created several videos for using the meal planner. It might not be completely intuitive to start with, but once you know how to work it, it goes really quickly. You can view the Meal Planner How-To Videos here.


When you receive your meal plan link, click it. Once you are in your meal plan, make sure to save it to your collections. If you don’t, it’s not lost. You just have to click the link in your email again. But if you save the meal plan to your collections/account, you’ll have easy access to it inside your account as well without having to always refer back to your email.

I’m so thrilled you’re here! Enjoy!