What Are Some of the World’s Most Unpopular Desserts?

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We all look forward to dessert… most of the time. There is always a dessert that fails to impress our palates thanks to its taste, texture, or both. Not all desserts are made equal or delicious. Here are some of the most common desserts people are most likely to pass on.

1. Anything With Raisins

A bunch of raisins on a cutting board.
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Raisins on their own are already divisive. No wonder desserts with raisins are unpopular for many; they are chewy and tangy, and their wrinkly texture doesn’t look appealing. They can also be overly sweet when combined with sugary ingredients.

2. Anything With Durian

A durian pod held cut open.
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They say the durian fruit smells like hell but tastes like heaven. Known for its strong, pungent odor, durian can be off-putting. People compare durian’s unique taste to creamy and custard-like caramel and vanilla. Some even compare it to cheesecake. But for most people, it’s challenging to get past the strong smell reminiscent of rotten onions or wet socks. And it is almost impossible to hide this smell in desserts.

3. Garlic Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream in white bowl with garlic and grater on wooden table.
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Garlic and ice cream are two things that taste good on their own but shouldn’t be in the dish together. While unconventional flavor combinations can sometimes work, these two don’t complement each other; rather, they clash. The strong and pungent taste of garlic quickly overwhelms the ice cream’s delicate and creamy taste.

4. Candied Beets

Beets on a cutting board.
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The mildly bitter and naturally earthy flavor of beets starkly contrasts the intense sweetness of the candying process, making candied beets a widely unpopular dessert for most people.

5. Coffee Jelly

A spoon lifts some coffee jelly out of a bowl full of it.
Photo Credit: funny face/Shutterstock.

Most people love coffee, and they even love it in their desserts. But coffee jelly might be taking things a tad too far. Gelatinous coffee just doesn’t appeal to most folks, and I can’t really blame them.

6. Salted Licorice

Salted licorice on a white background.
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Unlike sweet licorice, the distinct flavor profile of salted licorice requires an acquired taste. It contains ammonium chloride, which creates a salty and briny taste. This makes the flavor of this dessert rather jarring, with a higher level of saltiness that overpowers.

7. Ride Pudding

A green bowl filled with rice pudding.
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This one can be controversial simply because rice pudding is a common dessert in certain parts of the world. Some people dislike rice pudding primarily because of the consistency and texture, not the taste—some like the mild vanilla sweetness. Most people, however, agree that rice pudding lacks the complex flavors often associated with other dessert options.

8. Gelatin Desserts

A green jello ring on a white platter.
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Some people like gelatin desserts’ soft, smooth, and wobbly texture. However, others describe it as rubbery and slimy. Plus, it doesn’t taste that good compared to other dessert options. The artificial flavor often feels too sweet, yet unsatisfying.

9. Fruitcake

A fruitcake on a white platter.
Photo Credit: Kolpakova Svetlana/Shutterstock.

Fruitcake is a classic that is often enjoyed with tea, dark coffee, ice cream, or even cheese. The dense and heavy texture and strong fruity flavor are quite complex and a bit overwhelming. Fruitcake contains alcohol, primarily brandy or rum, and all those candied fruits are usually the reason why many people regift them.

10. Tofu-Based Desserts

A white bowl filled with tofu pudding.
Photo Credit: cGreateR.Imagine/Shutterstock

Tofu has a mild, bean-like flavor and is often perceived as bland. This, however, makes it a versatile ingredient for savory dishes, as you can use it for almost anything. As a dessert, tofu is not the best experience, though. It lacks the complexity and richness of a dairy-based dessert. Plus, the texture is too soft and slightly grainy, which is often unappealing.

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