Modern Home Air Fryer Review

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Ready for my Modern Home Air Fryer Review?

I announced on Facebook that I had gotten an air fryer for Christmas and asked if there were any recipe requests. What I got was a lot of you asking me to review my air fryer. Many of you are trying to decide if you want to buy one or not. You aren’t sure if an air fryer was worth taking up space on your counter tops. So today I’m doing that review to help you decide.

The truth is, I hadn’t really planned on getting one. But when I unwrapped one Christmas morning, I figured I’d at least give it a try before passing it on. Ha! Best laid plans and all that…

Modern Home Air Fryer on gray, cement background showing the air fryer with it's drawer closed.

I love it!! I don’t use it a ton, but when I’m really wanting something that would normally be considered “junk food”, something that is typically deep fried, this lovely little gadget gets the job done in a much healthier way. In fact, I especially love it for Mini Chef.

My eating plan these days is a little different. Those of you who follow my low carb blog know what I’m talking about. But I do my best to never subject my child to my latest adventures in food. I try to keep his diet as normal and constant as possible because I know that that’s important to kids. My kid is a ten year old boy and he loves his french fries, fish n’ chips, even onion rings. Mind you, I didn’t introduce him to most of those foods, but life has a way of inundating kids with the worst of foods at every turn. Whether it be at a friend’s birthday party, a family dinner out or even food samples of the latest garbage at our local grocery stores. Any way you look at it, kids will find a way to enjoy as much junk as possible.

This Modern Home Air Fryer is helping so much with that! Mini Chef LOVES my Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries, my Air Fryer Fish N’ Chips, my Air Fryer Cheese Sticks and just about anything I can cook in that thing. My next endeavor will be onion rings. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m looking forward to it because I know Mini Chef will love them and I won’t have to feel like I’m giving up on my internal instincts to feed him healthier foods.

Modern Home Air Fryer with the food basket or drawer open.

I know I still have a lot of experimenting to do with this gadget. And I will say that I probably don’t use it as often as I could. I think if you’re trying to decide, based on counter space, whether you should buy one or not, I would say it all depends on the foods you enjoy eating the most. If you’re a person who enjoys eating fries and the like, then this is totally worth the investment. But if those types of fried foods are not something you normally enjoy, then it’s probably safe to skip this purchase.

It really, honestly does “fry” foods without the excess fat. It’s pretty darn amazing that way. So if you love fried foods but want to eat healthier, then this is definitely worth the investment.

The only side note to all of this would be to tell you that a Modern Home Air Fryer does not do battered foods. Breaded yes, battered no. It won’t do well with the liquid batter. But it does breaded foods super well!

So there you have it. My opinion on air fryers. I don’t know if it will help you decide to buy one or not, but I can say that I do really like mine a lot.


  1. You have kids who love fried foods.
  2. You love fried foods.
  3. You love appetizers like cheese sticks, onion rings and french fries.
  4. You like cooking in small batches.


  1. You have very little space available in your kitchen (It’s not huge, but it does take up space).
  2. You don’t really enjoy the types of foods that are typically fried or deep fried.
  3. You hate learning to use new gadgets (It’s not hard, but it is different).
  4. The only foods you eat fried are made with a liquid batter.


(affiliate link) This is the Modern Home Air Fryer I have. It’s the only brand I’ve tried and I have truly enjoyed it so far. I can’t comment on other brands or types of air fryers simply because I haven’t tried them. But I can say that this particular air fryer has been a welcomed addition to my kitchen, if for no other reason than for Mini Chef. If you have kids and you want them to eat healthier, this would be fabulous in your kitchen. Especially for older kids who can work it themselves. It’s a fabulous way to make eating healthier fun for them and encourage better habits of cooking at home in the process.

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  1. I bought the Phillips air fryer for my mom for Christmas and she loves it. She and my stepdad eat a lot of fried stuff and she knew this would make those foods a little healthier. She had been eyeing them since they came out. So just wanted to add to your review that the Phillips brand works great.

  2. Diane Dixon says:

    There are lots of other uses for an air fryer than just making fries. You can roast all kinds of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc, cook steaks, chicken, or tofu, make roasted chickpeas, bake things like a small cake or biscuits. In many countries full size ovens are rare. They have been using air fryers for years. I am always discovering new ways to use mine.

    1. Diane – That’s what I’ve heard! I just haven’t been that adventurous yet. I’ll get there though!

  3. There is so much more that it can do! We got one at Christmas time and I am loving it! We are not big “fried food” people, but we do eat a lot of homemade baked fries and my hubby is a fisherman, so fish sticks are on the menu regularly. I have loved being able to toss some veggies in mine with a spritz of olive oil and have roasted veggies in a much shorter time than it would have taken to heat oven and roast them that way. I think this will be even more advantageous in the hotter months when turning on your oven will just heat your house up. I also think that for a single person or a couple, it could just about replace your oven and it certainly cooks things quicker. For anyone trying to eat clean, I’d say it’s worth a try! I hadn’t planned to keep mine on the counter, but have found I’m using it pretty regularly.

    1. Meagan – That’s great to know! I’m still learning what all I can make and it’s been a fun adventure! I hadn’t even thought about summer cooking yet! This has definite possibilities….

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