Struggling with planning healthy meals, wasted food, and a dwindling food budget?

Introducing the EASY way to eat clean and healthy on a customized plan for your lifestyle!!

Image of meal plans and recipes on iPhone and a laptop.

Sticking to clean
eating isn’t
always easy…

Struggling with food budgets…

Endless hours of food prep…

Finding something that everyone will actually eat…

Eating healthy despite school hours, work hours, and more…

Finding more and more rotten food at the back of the fridge…



The Gracious Pantry’s Meal Plan Membership

Quickly and easily add Gracious Pantry recipes to your own meal plans…then generate everything you need to get those meals on your table!

⭐Adjust recipe yields
⭐ Switch meals
⭐ Generate shopping lists
⭐ Collaborate on shopping lists with non-members

A computer screen displaying a meal plan inside the Meal Plan Membership area.
Let’s get down to business

Here is what you get…

Introducing the…

“Build Your Own Meal Plans” Membership

With a “Build-Your-Own Meal Plan” membership, you can access the meal planner for yourself and take charge of your meal plans with any recipe on the site. Adjust recipe yields for the number of people you are feeding, put together a shopping list that’s targeted to your needs, and easily print everything out in minutes.

A cracker spread with Avocado Hummus.

Build Your Own Meal Plans Membership


(Charged monthly – $10 Mo.)

  • Access to the Meal Planner TOOL
  • Create your meal plan from scratch
  • Adjust for the number of people you feed
  • Generate an adjustable shopping list
  • Collaborate with others on your shopping list
  • Print everything easily