10 Most Popular Meals Americans Are Having Delivered

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Food delivery is pretty much a part of our culture these days. If you’ve ever been curious about what kinds of foods people order, here are the ten most popular meals Americans are having delivered, despite inflation and increasing delivery costs.

1. Chicken Fingers And Fries

A white plate holds chicken tenders, french fries and two small cups of ketchup and mustard.
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According to FinanceBuzz, the number 1 meal people order for delivery is Chicken Fingers and Fries. That’s probably not a surprise for many of you.

2. Chicken Sandwich

A chicken sandwich on a white background.
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The chicken sandwich has had entire documentaries dedicated to it, so it’s no surprise it’s on the list. We do love our crispy, breaded chicken in this country.

3. Mac And Cheese

A white bowl filled with mac and cheese, on a white background.
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This quintessential pasta dish is about as American as you can get. We serve it to our kids, eat it when we need comfort, and cook it fast from a box when we’re in a hurry. So it’s no wonder we have it delivered as well.

4. Sushi

A row of sushi on a white background.
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Sushi has long been adopted into American culture, and its popularity is only rising. According to Food Truck Empire, 62% of Americans love sushi in its many forms, and having it delivered is a very popular solution for dinner.

5. Pad Thai

A white plat holds a serving of pad thai noodles and is garnished with a lime wedge and some green onion.
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For Thai food lovers, Pad Thai is the most delivered dish among them. Who can blame them? That delicious bowl of noodles is a great way to settle in for a delivered dinner in.

6. Iced Coffee

Two glasses of iced coffee with milk being poured into one of them.
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Americans are obsessed with coffee in ways other countries aren’t. We have created an entire customization menu for a simple cup of coffee that most other countries shake their heads at, and we have those quad-shot, triple pump, mocha, oat milk, less whip, cold brew lattes delivered.

7. Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich on parchment paper with hash browns and a cup of coffee.
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We all have busy mornings where we just need to get out the door or weekend mornings where we don’t want to even set foot in the kitchen unless it’s for a cup of coffee. So it makes sense that the humble breakfast sandwich makes the list.

8. Veggie Burgers

A veggie burger on a white background.
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While this one may come as a bit more of a surprise, it shouldn’t, given that vegetarian and vegan eating is on the rise.

9. Tacos And Burritos

An overhead view of tacos, burritos, Mexican rice and other garnishes for a Mexican meal.
Photo Credit: Elena Veselova and Shutterstock.

If you don’t love tacos, who even are you? Americans have taken on a serious love of tacos and burritos thanks to food trucks, Mexican restaurants, and our proximity to Mexico. And yes, we have them delivered on the regular.

10. Chicken Tikka Masala

A white plate holds a serving of chicken tikka masala and a side of white rice.
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While this is actually a British invention, one of the most popular Indian dishes in America is Chicken Tikka Masala, according to Eat This, Not That.

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